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  1. I would like to have a look on how you create those things... could you please upload in VW2020 as well? In Switzerland VW2021 is not avaiable yet 🙂
  2. you could set a class by a node and control the color by class...?
  3. Hey DomC I'm using your awesome "Marionette_Schrift"-Tool to convert Text to export to CNC. I'm a bit confused - is your Node deleting the class named "0" (zero)?
  4. Gregi

    Set View Matrix

    Hey Marissa Is this node avayable? I would like to put an object node to an specific point in the file, but it only works in 2D-View. If I'm in a 3D View it moves it always like "relative". So I would like to set to Plan View an restore the view that was before. Sounds like the thing you were explaning...
  5. I just realized a weird thing. If I connect an object with several record fields I got duplicates in the output. A Bug? It's easy to fix with a "Remove Duplicates" Node Wrong, If i want this object to move afterwards: And fixed:
  6. Is there anyone who could give me an idea how i could handle this?
  7. Hi Mi&D I am a cabinet maker, also from switzerland. Is this what you would like to have? Marionette-part2-start Rechtecktool_gim.vwx
  8. Hi It's because the type of your values from worksheet "string". I added a function node "eval(x)" and now it works. is this what you where looking for? AddList_Debug_gim.vwx
  9. Version 1.0.0


    Wrappers in German, to align objects with defined Distance. Not sure if there are some bugs - let me know 🙂
  10. Oh I see... oops, get more complicated than i thought... I would like to use it on groups too, so probably something this way?Align Distance_20-06-13-gim.vwx
  11. Hi MRoth Have you been successfull? I'm looking for some really similar. It looks to be difficult to get the selectet objects IN a group while working IN this group...
  12. Didn't really work. I made a menu command, and the first rectangle jumped a bit instead of hold positon. But your changes gave me an idea, so i put in a filter to only work on the objects on same layer. first tests are working fine - will see Align Distance_20-06-08-gim.vwx
  13. Hello everybody I tried to create a tool which allows me to align any object (2D, 3D, viewports). So i made a network an it kind of works - as long as i dont try to get object by "selected" an use it as a marionette command. where's my blind spot? Align Distance_20-06-08.vwx
  14. Or, another example to show what i would like to get. An invisible OIP widget for control points would be a good beginning. is something like this possible?


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