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Crinkly Line

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This goes against the purpose of vectorworks defining the line to its most accurate but I wondered it a line type can be created that is crinkly?

I've attached an image of different lines I have drawn with the polygon tool but wonder if there is already a tool for this madness?




Screenshot 2020-11-03 at 17.24.43.png

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You can definitely create a linetype that is jagged like this if you want to and you should explore the Complex linetype option from the Linetype Resources in the Resource manager.


Alternatively draw your geometry as normal using a solid linetype and render the drawing using a Sketch Style.


Here is an example of a Jagged Linetype I made in about 20 seconds (so its reasonably quick to do....)

Jagged Line.vwx

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And even better with sketch in that you draw the lines straight and get all the snap points, but you can use different sketch styles from really rough to pretty smooth. 


And turn sketch off and you have a good line drawing. The only issue would be is you need the wiggles to remain exactly the same Sketch Mode is random and will change when you turn it off and back on.

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