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  1. sak1850

    Twinmotion Plugin + Sync

    Flaurini Yes, thanks following your reply I had a look and picked up another couple of tips, that is the real beauty of a community, Thanks again!
  2. sak1850

    Twinmotion Plugin + Sync

    Jonathan Thanks so much!! that was really doing my head in! I checked some of the 'more' buttons but not that one.
  3. sak1850

    Twinmotion Plugin + Sync

    Really like the abilities of twinmotion, but I cannot find a way to rotate the material when replacing with twinmotion's stock materials, for instance the roofing slates are running side to side in some cases (90 degrees to what is required), I have checked all of the menus but it is not obvious how to get the desired image. Watched all of the brilliant video's. Have I missed something?
  4. sak1850

    window sill and glazing bar glitches

    I have had this problem since before 2016 and reported it to Vectorworks, nothing was ever done about it and every time there is a new release or a point revision I try it again and still no joy, it is the most annoying glitch and makes modelling a lot more difficult because I now model the windows and set them into walls individually which means they are not able to move without a lot of work. I really wish this problem was solved so that I could model in the correct way which would save me hours and hours!
  5. sak1850

    Until Next Time

    Jim You were the face of vectorworks for me and I always looked forward to your sense and clearthinking when addressing a problem, hope all goes well for you in whatever role you fill in the future.
  6. sak1850

    Drawing lines

    Brilliant that's it!! Thankyou so much!
  7. sak1850

    Drawing lines

    Hi Have just updated to 2019 SP1 (from 2108 SP4) and have started drawing, I have noticed that in order to draw a line I have to keep the LH mouse button depressed throughout the line, which is not the way it worked in 2018 and before, where a click started the line and a second click finished it. I have looked for a setting to change this but cannot find one, have a missed something? or has the new programme changed the way in which I should draw.
  8. sak1850

    Pop up data bar broken

    This is a serious problem for the way I draw, I am forever needing to offset by a distance entered into the data bar, I have had to go back to 2017 to be at all productive, I know this bug has been submitted, when can we expect a fix? I am using Windows 10 pro
  9. I am also having problems with the data bar in 2018. In the edit group and data bar drop down box the option for 'allow numeric keypad entry for instant data bar activation' cannot be selected so input to the data bar is not possible, however I can manage to input whole numbers but it will not allow the decimal point. I have checked all other parameters and these are set at the same as 2017 so I would guess that this is a bug that has slipped through the net. Hope it gets sorted soon as I use this method of entry constantly. My system is windows 10 pro.
  10. sak1850

    perspective, 3d pipe & 3d connexion

    Brilliant Jim I will get mine on order!
  11. sak1850

    perspective, 3d pipe & 3d connexion

    Thanks Jim Do you know if this is in the pipeline at your end? or should I be asking the question of 3d connexion.
  12. sak1850

    perspective, 3d pipe & 3d connexion

    I am looking at the new space mouse enterprise which will allow for 12 preset commands (extrude, duplicate along path etc.) it states that it is vectorworks compliant but I am not sure that it will work with vectorworks in the same way that it will work with solidworks or inventor, does anybody have any knowledge of this? I would not like to purchase it to replace my space navigator only to find it can only do much the same thing and not allow for assignable presets. BTW I am using Windows not IOS
  13. sak1850

    Missing or corrupt plug in

    Brilliant Jim Fixed by removing and replacing!
  14. Since upgrading to 2016 (and up to SP4)I have not been able to get a renderworks camera or a heliodon command to work. The message comes up as 'The plug in tool "Heliodon" or RenderWorks Camera" could not be selected. It is missing necessary resources or the file is damaged'. I have checked that these reside in the plug in tools folder and all seems to be OK. I am currently saving the files back into 2015 to render which is less than ideal. Has anyone had this issue? or if not, some idea how I can get this set up to work. Is a complete reinstall the answer perhaps? I am working with a Windows 10 operating system.
  15. sak1850


    Jim Thanks for advice will try out alternatives. And go to support if required.


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