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I have some design layer section viewports, which are then viewported on to sheet layers.  When publishing, even though update out of date viewports is ticked, these design layer section viewports do not get updated and I have to go to the design layer first - update the viewports, then publish.

Is there a way to automatically include these DLSVP's when publishing?


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Be careful with Update All unless you are sure of what you are doing and don't have a bunch of high resolution renderings.


I ran that ONCE on a file with about 300 viewports and it hadn't finished in 36 hours when I finally force quit it. This was about 15 years ago so the machine was much slower than current machines, but even so, think about it before you tell it to start.

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Update all might work, but as Pat says, this will update all of the viewports that don't need updating and could take a considerable amount of time, plus it's another step to have to remember to do. Be good if the 'update out of date viewports' worked in embedded viewports too.

Might add a wishlist item.


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