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clipping problem





I am doing a lot of surface clipping because I am preparing an aluminum laser cut. Lots of small and big shapes.


Inevitably after a certain amount of "clips", I get what looks like a problem. I can only see it in open GL by looking at the fill and the selection.

I have tested all individual shapes and none of them seem untight or cause problems on their own.


It's risky to send it off to the laser company before I know that my model is "tight" so I want to try to get to the bottom of this.


Thanks for any ideas





Plan view:



Open GL view with weird selection markup:




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Guest Alex Sagatov

For the 3D view (OpenGL), what kind of object are we looking at? Is it an Extrude/Solid Subtraction? In the past, i have seen certain object types such as Hardscapes give these kinds of results when there are hole cuts like this; however, I don't think I've seen it with extrudes/solid subtractions.



On the bottom screenshot, I notice there is a small, vertical, white line going down the gray shape right before it seems to break. This would lead me to think there is an oddity in the geometry.



Any chance you could either post or direct message me the file so I can take a quick look?

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@Alex Sagatov yes, I see it, also while zooming in and out I have seen other "shards" that led me to believe that is was a failed boolean operation. I have spent a lot of time tracking those down to see if they "pointed" at anything, but they do not.


and as @bjoerka points out, 3D is not needed of course, and it is 2D. But in the documentation/presentation/planning of this I have components mounted on the back of this plate and they are 3d. 


In conclusion, I extruded a copy of the shape to 3mm and that looks clean in the openGL views, confirming that this is some kind of bug or limitation to how the display in plan view handles this. It also makes me feel that the 2d lines I am sending to the manufacturing are not confused.



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