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  1. Yes, this thread is consequential, as there is no available function to do it. Why?
  2. Hi Very exciting! I had a look and realised this would have to be a future project as it would take too much time to even enter. ciao!
  3. Hi Thank you for your answers. I think maybe I should clarify my intentions. As I am considering positions and moving things about it is not optimal that the scene is darkened and only illuminated by the devices. I do however want to switch to a "lit" scene every once in a while to see what it looks like. So far it is all about that on/off toggle. To have access to color and brightness would be a bonus of course. Like a simple little light desk. So in the best case scenario I would keep the lighting devices visible (otherwise I could just turn a layer off with all devices on it). @MullinRJThe script menu command with hotkey sounds great. My programming skills are limited, but if I could look at some examples I might be able to cobble something together, at least for the on/off toggle. Is there a resource for this that you can recommend as a starting place? Thank you
  4. Hi I would like to find out how to make a palette with a few functions. A lot of times I want to work in shaded mode and I need to disable light fixtures temporarily to work in the default light, and then turn them back on to visualise what they are doing. To Quickly compose looks it would be marvellous to have a floating window/palette with everything that can be found in the render section of Lighting Device→OIP: EDIT dialogue Lighting Device → OIP: Edit → Tab: Light Information → Section: Render How would I go about this. Is there an example of a custom window/palette that I could try to build from? Thank you
  5. Hi Thanks for all your answers. I do want my geometry to stay on so hiding the fixtures is not an option. F
  6. Hi Is there a way to switch all lighting fixture illumination off in shaded mode. While modeling I would prefer the default light. I do realise I can edit every single light and switch them off, but I guess I am looking for the master switch. Thank you
  7. Hi I have a polygon filled with a very bright hatch on top of a slab (no distance). It seems the ambient occlusion happens on top of the hatch, which looks weird. Is there anything I can do to get around this? Thank you Spotlight v2023 sp3
  8. Hi That would be great. I have sent you a DM Thank you
  9. Sorry to report that I am having the same issue, Vision crashes instantly upon import or merge. I have tried both MVR and ESC and also just exporting a few fixtures and no geometry. Tried on a m1 and an intel laptop. v2023 with everything up to date. How can I proceed to address this? Thank you
  10. Hello i am exporting a mvr for grand ma3. Should it be possible to retain the orientation of the fixtures? I am using foucs points but when i import on the ma3 everything is just pointing down. I tried to open the MVR in Vision as well, no fixture focus made it over there either, everything is pointing straight down. This is also true for "send to vision" thank you for any ideas
  11. Reposted this to an better thread:
  12. Hi [I posted this in the wrong thread, moving it here] In spotlight, the lit fog light beams from all fixtures shine through objects like extrudes, walls and slabs. I have tried all manner of textures and shadow settings, but I can not seem to stop the beams from shining through. Grateful for any ideas
  13. Hi I am struggling with getting the total weight of all lighting devices in a column. I only get the total count when I sum values. =sum(2.1..2.31) with the database row numbers does not work for me either. Thankful for any advice
  14. Hi Upon testing the position summary on a few light fixtures I encounter the following behaviour: Freshly inserted summary: As soon as I click any option, for example "show symbol" or "show wattage", the whole summary collapses:
  15. Hi In spotlight, the lit fog light beams from all fixtures shine through objects like extrudes, walls and slabs. I have tried all manner of textures and shadow settings, but I can not seem to stop the beams from shining through. Grateful for any ideas F
  16. hi Here is a simple test file and a screenshot of the gobo I am trying to pickgobotest.vwx
  17. Hello I am loving that fixture beams are now visible in shaded mode with lit fog. However, I cant seem to enable gobos. I am using the robe megapointe and in the OIP>edit fixture I can pick a gobo but the gobo is not applied and the selection does not stick. What am I doing wrong? Thank you
  18. Hi This ancient VisiCalc stuff has got to go! Please make sheets compatible with google sheets/excel/numbers. It is crazy to me that I work with those tools every day and when I come to VW do my worksheets I have to go and google how to do a sum on on some cells. And the whole interface feels like 1998. Making a cell text bold is takes a minute of menus and tabs, it just seems like a priority graveyard to me. Or at least please explain Thank you
  19. Hi You are right, there were non tube objects on the sheet that had the record attached, I would never have looked there. The tip about selecting 2.3 in an unsummarised list was really great. Found all bugs now. Thank you!
  20. Wow thats perfect, thank you I have another mystery, now that I have it clean, it does not want to give me some of the lengths. I get three dashes.
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