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Spacebar, Command, Option no longer zooming in or out

Ari Phillips


Spacebar, Command, Option no longer zooming in or out and really slowing down my work flow.

I rely on this hugely to work fast and efficiently. Any ideas.  Its not safari as i dont have it open...and dont seem to have any other conflict.

I used:

Spacebar - Pan

Spacebar , Command to zoom in

Spacebar, Command, Option to zoom out.

This was what i was always using but found it only worked on some workstations....

I have upgraded  to Mojav an also my wacom tablet to the latest intuos and wondered if this would be the problem, however i am desperate to find a solution so i am able to use these hotkeys again.

Please help...its frustrating not being able to use something  when you have spent years and years using it that way..feel a little lost.


Please help




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Hi @Ari Phillips


I'm just passing through so I'll just rattle off a few things that come to mind: 


(If you're using any version of Vectorworks before Vectorworks 2018 SP4, it is likely a compatibility issue with macOS Mojave and you'll need to update, or upgrade Vectorworks). 

  • Check whether the macOS shortcut to enable Siri is activated/on. The default to activate Siri is Command-Spacebar, so there might be a conflict. 
  • Seeing as your Spacebar/Pan shortcut key isn't working, I suspect your Workspace or your Vectorworks installation is corrupt. To verify: 
    1. Open your Vectorworks User Folder: In Vectorworks, go: Vectorworks > Vectorworks Preferences… > User Folders > Reveal in Finder
    2. Quit Vectorworks 
    3. Prepend your Vectorworks User Folder's name with an 'x' to disable it
    4. Open Vectorworks and test if Spacebar works to invoke the hand. 
      • If it doesn't: 
        1. Close all other apps and try again. 
          • If it works, you have a software conflict with one of the apps you've closed. 
          • If it doesn't work, contact technical support for more granular assistance. 
      • If it does: 
        1. Something in your Vectorworks User Folder is corrupt and you're best to Reset Vectorworks Preferences
        2. Reinstate your libraries/Favourites but if you want to reintroduce your Settings, do each one with testing in-between so you can isolate and remove the file/s responsible for this issue. 
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Hi Jeremy,

Thanks for you reply.  Im actually using the latest version of Vectorworks so not sure this would be the problem.

Siri Is off.

Spacebar does work to pan, but it doesn't work when used with the space bar, command and alt keys.

Looks like i may need ti review the user folder..will look into that, although looks like there may be other better ways for such shortcuts now...is it that thee keys are not supported as much any more? I tend to use them as they are the same on all the above software and seems to keep things streamlined as easy..less confusing when jumping from software to software.


Could possibly be im still using a 2015 model laptop?

Maybe its time to upgrade too.


Thanks for the feedback.  Will kept you posted


Kind regards




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Hi again Ari, 


This won't relate to the age of your computer. I've verified these keyboard sequences still work on Vectorworks 2020 SP4, so the issue is almost certainly due to a corruption in your Vectorworks User Folder. But it could also be due to a software conflict caused by other apps that are open at the same time. I suggest you try the following (Prioritised first by likelihood, then by order of likely resolution).


If this issue occurs in all files, proceed with the following. If it occurs only in some files, then check here to resolve 'far out objects.'

  1. Your Vectorworks User Folder has a corruption. 
  2. Rule out software conflicts. 
    • Method: 
      1. Close all programs
      2. Restart (not Shutdown) your Mac. 
      3. Quit any apps that opened automatically. 
      4. Re-test. 
  3. Your particular installation of Vectorworks needs repair
    • Solution:
      1. Quit Vectorworks 
      2. Open Vectorworks 20XX Updater app
      3. In the 'Advanced' menu, choose 'Repair.' 
  4. Your particular installation of Vectorworks needs reinstallation
    • Solution: Uninstall/Reinstall Vectorworks. 
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