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extrusion dimensions record?

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Are your extrusions all oriented vertical/horizontal? If so you can use the Width/Height functions in the worksheet.


If any are at angles, then the width/height functions will return the size of the bounding box instead of the extrusion dimensions.


If all the extrusion are truly made from Rectangles, it would probably be possible to create worksheet scripts that will return the sizes of the contained rectangles. If they are actually made of polygons it would make it much more challenging.



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Another idea:

I think the =area worksheet function returns the area of the source object of an extrude, rather than the total area of all the faces of the extrude. Test this, though. This condition may only apply to objects extruded parallel to the layer plane.


Extrudes are odd or unique in this respect.  Other types of solids report total area. 

I have used stacks of Extrudes as quick massing model and applied =area to correctly calc the floor area ratio (to property area).



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