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Energos Worksheet Reference Information

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I seriously doubt that anyone has gotten this into a worksheet.  Since it is not related to an object, the worksheet will not be able to see any of the data.


A quick search did not turn up an easy way to get the information with a script either. So a script to write the data to a worksheet is also probably out.


I would love to be proven wrong.   😞

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The areas there the most of my concern were the areas of the walls, the fact that they were on the energos worksheet, the R values seen, and the correct orientation is shown.

The particular energos record for this is the 'energos wall' record, or 'energos window' record / energos 'door' record. The records for calling out wall areas to match that shown is wallareagross / wallareanet. However, i think it has a few bugs :


1. wall orientation record referenced in the worksheet does not match the record of the object. It returns numbers instead of orientations. I'm guessing 6, 9, etc... are clock orientations, but i'm not sure. I don't know how 4 - became a 'south' orientation.

2. Regarding wall area gross / wall area net - it still calculates to the center of the wall rather than to the finishes. in the attached image you will notice that this is true. 8'10 5/8"  x 10' = 88.845 s.f.


I haven't done any experiments for windows or for doors just yet. But this is among my biggest gripes when calculating for wall areas for energy purposes (not wall take-offs).

P.S. - If you add the width plus the length of the wall multiplied by the height, then you will get the true area value for the outside of the wall. If you subtract the width from  the length and multiplied by the height - you will get the interior side. But there are two problems. :

1. These numbers can not be used in tags as they are calculated areas rather than being global operations. several global records may needed to be added with the formulas above (maybe this can be avoided if i calculated component areas that are abutting the outside , but i still do not know how to do that yet)

2. That calculation will not work if two walls are directly abutting each other (capped or uncapped mode) would require 2 conditional statements for i.e. -

If wall joined in capped mode on both sides : =(LENGTH+WALLTHICKNESS)*WALLOVERALLHEIGHT

If wall joined in capped mode on one side : =(LENGTH+(WALLTHICKNESS/2))*WALLOVERALLHEIGHT

If wall not joined in cap mode : =WallAreaGross


Note - both problems can be fixed if using the worksheets - but picking up an error in the callouts might cause major headaches with the buildout or with the building department later.










Is there a conditional format I can use to include or exclude walls that join in capped or uncapped mode?


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