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Subdivision and a texture surface hatch


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Hi all,


How do I control the direction of a (texture) surface hatch when applied to a subdivision? Attribute mapping doesn't work and I don't see any controls in the OIP?


It doesn't matter if I select the whole subdivision of just one face.


Please see attached



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Ok thanks. That answer was exactly what I was afraid of...  🙂


As a workaround I can change the subdivision object to eg. a 3D polygon and then map that. However, having to do so doesn't make any sense - what's the point of a subdivision object if it cannot be mapped=rendered properly?


...Or am I missing something obvious? Or is this something that has been completely overlooked?

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It's a bit of a cheap rendering trick but you can always use the extract tool to pull a NURBS Surface from one of the faces. Then you can independently control the texture on just that surface. You may have to adjust the position of the NURBS surface slightly to avoid Z-Fighting. But everything should come out fine in renderings.

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