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DoMenuTextByName can't call menu command


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I am trying to call the function 'Site Model from Source Data...' found under the menu AEC>Terrain>


I haven't been able to figure out how to call this using vs.DoMenuTextByName.

Doing some digging, I've noticed that in the Workspace Editor the function is 'hidden' under the command 'Site Model Processor'


Does anyone have any idea on how to go about this?

Thank you!

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Hi Nicolas,


thank you for the response but unfortunately that doesn't solve it - i've tried with several indexes.


Based on Vectorscript Function Reference, Terrain is the submenu so the following should work:



But it doesn't work either..


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I'm no expert when it come to scripting (just like to dabble) however I'm also intrigued by the batch tool allocation you're referencing in the menu structure as I struck it yesterday when looking at Model>Create Animation (which is similar to your 4 submenu items..


As noted in your first post the menu item 'Site Model Processor' add 4 new menu items - including your desired 'Site Model form Source Data...'.


I also like you cannot call the menu item; by name, by a subset of Terrain, by a subset of Site Model Processor.


I recall vaguely some of the functions were available in the DTM section of the Vectorworks Function Library but I can't find them anymore listed there. Additionally I suspect this subset of scripts references a Python Library set (most probably Site-Packages in your python local folder) and therefore Vectorworks probably has a little trouble accessing it without a few other elements - probably activated within the same menu set.


I'm sure some script wizard will have a work around however I'm wondering in what context you're planning to call this function as I don't know how you're going to traverse the pop-up dialog which appears - unless you're planning to power through with defaults in some sort of automated Multi-Site Model creation environment (which is cool, just outside the norm).


Interested if someone finds a Menu call which works.



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Hi Pat, 


Thanks for clarifying - does that mean there is no way to call the function 'Site Model from Source Data'?


I've been looking to test calling the actual name of the plugin, but I can't even identify it...


As part of a wider function, what I'm trying to achieve is to call up the 'site model' dialog to then generate a 3d terrain from selected 3D locus points.


Any alternative solutions? 

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