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Input Node for Selection

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What is the node I should use to make input be based on the 3D object I have selected?

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Hello barnes2000


you take the node "objects by crit" and write the following for criteria:


sel = true




(sel = true)


The node gives the handles of all selected objects when you run the script.


Kind regards


Pascal Völz

Edited by Pascal Völz | TH-OWL
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Hi Pascal.

I have a further query in this topic. Is it possible to create Marionette Object that uses selected shape as input?

E.g. this wrapper I created, meant to be Menu command. After using it the final geometry loses the "parametric features (can no longer change dimensions)", it is only a group of extrusions. It would be great, if it works like any Marionette Object \, but I have no clue how to do that.

Any thoughts on that?


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I would suggest using the Control Geometry node and placing the geometry you want to use into the Control Geometry group of the Marionette Object. There is currently no way to run a network on a selected object unless it is a Menu Command, which as you stated, will not maintain it as a Marionette Object.

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2 minutes ago, Pascal Völz | CADVölz said:

is it important for you to have a menu command? Otherwise, you can save the Marionette Object as an intelligent symbol. 

It is not important at all.

What do you mean by saving as "intelligent symbol"?

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