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    Connecting N-th element from different lists

    Great, it's working now perfectly! Thank you very much!

    Connecting N-th element from different lists

    Thank you for your answer Antonio! I even managed to create 3rd input into Zip node, so it's working nicely. Do you have any idea, why I can not close that loft? Connecting Nth element 002.vwx
  3. Hello! I have question. How can I connect n-th element from different lists? The situation looks like this: there are two circles and equal numbers of points on them. I want to connect points of the same index on both curves (the 1st on one curve, and the 1st on the 2nd one, then pair of 2nds points on each curve, then 3rd and so on). I know that there is a way to do this manually (List Explode node), but how can I do it in more parametric way e.g. if I do not want to specify the exact number of points on curves, or I simply do not know how many of them are needed. Connecting Nth element.vwx

    Generate random number in Python Scripting

    Thank you you PatW and Marissa, it's working now 🙂
  5. Hello, It's my first post here, so please be gentle 🙂 I wanted to create my first script in Vectorworks using Python, simple Random Walker like this: import random size = 50 posX = 0 posY = 0 steps = 100 for i in range(steps): vs.Rect(posX, posY, posX + size, posY + size) r = random(4) if r == 0: posX += size posY += size if r == 1: posX -= size posY += size if r == 2: posX -= size posY -= size if r == 3: posX += size posY -= size How can I create random int number in range 0 - 3 (0, 1, 2, 3). Same code runs in processing. There is this method in python, but it does not work in Vectorworks. randrange ([start,] stop [,step]) Thanks for any help!


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