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Hi all,


Having successfully designed my first house in 3D, I'm now trying to implement BIM into a residential extension project but I am struggling to work out the best way to show the original property and the property with the extension added. Would it be sensible to build the existing model and then duplicate the entire model and add the extension? This seems the easiest way but it doesn’t feel like the correct way? I’m sure it can be done using layers and classes and turning them on/off etc. but I can't see how when it comes to merging the roofs together how to differentiate between old and new?


This link should allow you access the existing model if needed.


Thanks in advance.



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that would be my process - ie. build the existing (ie. survey) , save as a new drawing for new works and revise model (put survey on a layer for reference in new model)

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I work in a similar way. I simply duplicate the model within the same file. One set of design layers as an “-extg” suffix and is kept as reference while I work on the “-prop” design layers. 


The only downsides with duplicating the model, wether in the same file or in a seperate file, is that if updated or corrections are required to the extg it needs to be done on both models. For this reason it helps if the extg model is as accurate as possible so there are minimal updates required. 


Im interested to hear about other ways people set up alteration work.

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Thank you both, it makes sense to have duplicate layers with one for existing and one for proposed. I'll give it a go.

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