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josue Corona

Viewports and Planes Views

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is there a way in vector works that you can create a view port and instead of choosing custom or the given views , to look at a view that you have saved from your design layer or to look at a  plane that you have created ?

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maybe the save view option may be closer to what you want?


Screenshot 2019-07-19 at 19.47.27.jpg

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Posted (edited)

@josue Corona ,

   I assume you mean to do this with VectorScript, considering where you posted your question?


   Here's a short script showing how to copy a view. The attached file shows the same thing, using the 1st design layer to set the view and a selected viewport to receive the view setting.  You can use a similar approach to get the view rotations of a working plane by using the GetWorkingPlane() command.

{ Example script to copy a Design Layer view and apply it to a Viewport. }
{ Select a Viewport. Run script. }
{ The script copies the view from the First Design Layer to the selected VP. }
{ 19 Jul 2019 - Raymond J Mullin }
	Hdl, Hvp :Handle;

	procedure ApplyViewFromDLtoVP(Hdl, Hvp :Handle);
	{ Copy the view from design layer (Hdl) to viewport (Hvp). }
		B :Boolean;
		Vr, Vc :Vector;
		if (GetTypeN(Hvp) = 122) & (GetTypeN(Hdl) = 31) then
			if GetViewMatrix(Hdl, Vc.x, Vc.y, Vc.z,   Vr.x, Vr.y, Vr.z) then
				B := SetViewMatrix(Hvp, Vc.x, Vc.y, Vc.z,   Vr.x, Vr.y, Vr.z);
	End;	{ ApplyViewFromDLtoVP}

	Hvp := FSActLayer;		{ handle to selected VP }
	Hdl := FLayer;			{ handle to an arbitrary design layer }
	ApplyViewFromDLtoVP(Hdl, Hvp);		


   Not knowing what version of VW you are running I exported the file as v2016, (and for others using older versions.) Please add a signature to your profile. It really will help people answer your questions more accurately.




Copy View from DL to VP v2016.vwx


Edited by MullinRJ

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You can use the clip cube to create viewports and can link a viewport to a Renderworks camera, but you will have to use a script if you want to align an existing viewport view to a saved view or saved working plane.

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