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  1. Is there a way to create a script that can calculate weight according to what i input to it. For example lets say I will make a 1 1/4" x 1 1/4" square and extrude it 5' now that just a stick that represent an actual 5' aluminum stick and calculating the weight of it is .6548 Lb/ft X 5' =3.3LB. I would like the object info pallet to give that info. if possible every time a stretch the stick to make it longer it would automatically change it.If there a direction someone can point me out so can try to do the script on my own , It will be greatly appreciated. Thank you
  2. I was previously using apple mac computer now I am using a PC windows computers. I have notice that vectorworks freezes a lot and closes. also another problem that i happens on both PC and apple mac is whenever i use truss symbol from vectorworks library. and i add it on viewport to render it. It closes my vectorworks 80% of the time. Is anyone having the same problem with vectorworks on PC windows ?
  3. I attached screen shot of what i was clicking. But I was able to solve the problem. It was just a vectorwork issue, I closed vectorwork program and restarted and it fixed the problem. Thank you for replying.
  4. I am trying to set working plane, and its not working. See attached picture of example. I wanna create a working plane where I added a red circle but it does not want to create working plane, in order to look at working plan to look at it head on. thank you
  5. I am using vectoworks 2022. I wanted to make a tool palettes with symbols (3D symbols) that i make . Is it possible?
  6. I will attached an image from vectorworks. I got 2022. is it possible to get surface of this 3D shape flattened out ?
  7. I updated to macOS Big Sur 11.6. Now every time I save my work it closes everything .Has anyone else experience this before I updated my computer I didn't have that problem. Thank you
  8. Thank you Pat Stanford. I will check that out
  9. Boh I get what BCD is saying bunch of red wireframes needed to update. So if there was a way to updated whole vectorwork file before opening would be great sometimes I have to open up 4-5 vectorwork and all of them need updating . BCD thanks I will try that
  10. Is there a way for vectorwork Sheet layers viewports to updated them without opening up the file ?
  11. Oh but now that it changed on my end, how can I revert the changes .
  12. Hello so I'm using Vectorworks 2020, I have changed my shortcuts on my workspace . I changed the numeric keys to specific function. For example I made numeric key (1) 2D polygon. It does work but not only the numeric key gets affected but also the Numeric Key pad . The numeric keypad should be the front, top, left and right etc. for Vectorworks design layer. Is there a way I can prevent that from changing when I just want the numeric keys to change ? Thank you
  13. is it possible to add a spreadsheet to title block, but that is able to be edited with the OIP , that can allow you to add more rows. Can it also be possible to add a checkmark that can allow you to hide it whenever you do not want it to display in some sheet layers. Thank you
  14. is there a vector script to be able to slice at a curved instead of just straight slices. for example I can make arc line on top of a 3d model and that arc line will be the slice section. thank you
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