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  1. No. I am in design layer. So I am making a 3D object (wall) after I made the wall I turn it into a symbol. So whenever I wanted to go into that symbol and edit something out of the wall . whenever I was in that symbol edit (open gl) the object will basically disappear and go somewhere else in the design layer. So my rendering open gl shape would be in top let corner and my actual object would be somewhere down in design layer invisible. But removing the Unified Views fixed it .
  2. Hey there Pat, Thank you for your response, but it was something different. The problems was the UNIFIED VIEW was activated .
  3. Hello, Does anyone know why when I make a symbol and then I try editing it, the 3d object disappears when I am in open gl mode. I am using vectorwork 2019 spotlight . Thanks
  4. I just found out how , thank you.Theres a option called Email PDF, which just makes pdf and sends it . 😄
  5. I have spotlight , and Mac. I do use save as a pdf, but lets say I save it as a PDF, it goes into a folder then I have to go to my email and drag the file into my email. I want to try to email it without dragging it. Like if theres a way to make it like save as PDF and email at the same time ?
  6. Is there a way in vector work to be able create a pdf file and then be able to email it. Thanks
  7. Creating Hybrid Object? The script made the object , do you mean like put a command that tells my object is a hybrid?
  8. if I don't make it a plug in tool, it does work .
  9. its weird its basically the script you made for me, I did not change anything I just made it a plug in tool
  10. I made it a plug in, but now it disappear , oh also when I did that the circle is no longer subtracted from the square .
  11. I see, well I still need a lot to learn as far as scripting, so you might see me asking for help more that what I already do 😄 I have a vector questions why do some object only show up in 2d plan but when I change be they disappear ? I will attach a screen record
  12. Oh I understand, yea thats my next step to learn about perimeter. because for example in the Script that Pat gave me i would like to make a parameter that will allow me to move the hole or down. One question when doing parameter there has to be extra script text that will combine the parameter with the script correct? I don't know if that question even make sense sorry.


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