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  1. josue Corona

    Frame Script

  2. josue Corona

    Frame Script

    Thats correct I did not create the script, someone else did, and I just want to make to better. The holes will be 3/8" diameter the reference holes could be from any corner of the frame. the frame we make usually are symetrical so if top corner hole is 4" apart from the corner on the left the right hole is 4" apart from the right corner. I will send an attachment of one of our frames with dimension. thanks for your help. I willl try to use the script text you wrote for now.
  3. josue Corona

    Viewports and Planes Views

    is there a way in vector works that you can create a view port and instead of choosing custom or the given views , to look at a view that you have saved from your design layer or to look at a plane that you have created ?
  4. josue Corona

    object to symbol

    its Fundementals,spotlight, and rendtrworks.renderworks
  5. josue Corona

    object to symbol

    thanks for going more in depth with finding the command, but its weird on my side I don't have it and I already went inside my works space. to try to find it. it is not there thou.
  6. josue Corona

    object to symbol

    are you talking about the create symbol? thanks for your reply.
  7. josue Corona

    object to symbol

    Hello 😄 In vector work is there a way or even a script that turns an object into a existing symbol. For example lets say i have multiple identical object in the design layers. what I do now is converts symbol and then I go and delete the other that are the same but then I have to past the one that I converted to symbol in its place. What I want is just to highlight the others and convert it into the symbol that I already made .
  8. josue Corona

    3d Rotate

    I see Cberg, you did explain it well to understand. Thanks for the screen record thats basically what I do and it does find all plane on my drawing expect the ones I highlighted on my screen shot , but I think its something wrong with my geometric so I am just remaking it again. thanks.
  9. josue Corona

    3d Rotate

    I cannot even extract its shape in its current position.
  10. josue Corona

    3d Rotate

    Ok I was trying to work on the plane where my object is in red. when I wanna do a line and I have automatically plane enabled it does not read my object in red. I even try to extruded and it won't let me extrude it. They are just simple flat objects. so I took the red object and flatted it out and made a polygon around it. it worked but then I could not rotate it back to its previous angles.
  11. josue Corona

    3d Rotate

  12. josue Corona

    3d Rotate

    is there a command out there that can let you grab any object and decide in which axis to rotate it from ? I will send some screen shots of what I mean
  13. josue Corona

    Frame Script

    Hello JBen . I do not Build this frame I have a script that with a click can automatically make it and I can change the spacing of the toogles using the Object Info Pallets, what I was wondering if within the script is there a code that I can add so it would also make the holes, and I can use the object info palette to change the location of the holes . Where I work the holes are always symmetrical and usually same spacing . Thank you.
  14. josue Corona

    Frame Script

    I got this 3D Script that makes a frame like the one in the picture. This script changes the size of this frame and even adds material that would skin the frame with. My question would be if possible to make an upgrade on the script by having the frame have holes that I could change its location in a given frame size . If its possible I can provide the script and also it comes with parameters. Thanks .
  15. josue Corona

    Data Tag Line tool

    Hello, Sorry for that Video not working, but I manage to get it working . thank you 😄


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