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  1. Thank you Pat Stanford. I will check that out
  2. Boh I get what BCD is saying bunch of red wireframes needed to update. So if there was a way to updated whole vectorwork file before opening would be great sometimes I have to open up 4-5 vectorwork and all of them need updating . BCD thanks I will try that
  3. Is there a way for vectorwork Sheet layers viewports to updated them without opening up the file ?
  4. Thank you I will try that .
  5. Oh but now that it changed on my end, how can I revert the changes .
  6. Hello so I'm using Vectorworks 2020, I have changed my shortcuts on my workspace . I changed the numeric keys to specific function. For example I made numeric key (1) 2D polygon. It does work but not only the numeric key gets affected but also the Numeric Key pad . The numeric keypad should be the front, top, left and right etc. for Vectorworks design layer. Is there a way I can prevent that from changing when I just want the numeric keys to change ? Thank you
  7. is it possible to add a spreadsheet to title block, but that is able to be edited with the OIP , that can allow you to add more rows. Can it also be possible to add a checkmark that can allow you to hide it whenever you do not want it to display in some sheet layers. Thank you
  8. is there a vector script to be able to slice at a curved instead of just straight slices. for example I can make arc line on top of a 3d model and that arc line will be the slice section. thank you
  9. Thanks Andrew , that’s what I needed .
  10. IMG_2917.MOV Hello can anyone help me if there’s a way to make a script or if vector work can do this already . I use this to symbolize drape . Basically when you rotate it becames 3D but from the top it’s a curve line . The problem in this is I can only do straight curvy lines, I would like to make arc curvy ones . thanks
  11. {/////////////////////////////////////////// CreateNewClass (c) 2001 Nemetschek North America. Distribute freely. Shows how to create a new class in a document. ///////////////////////////////////////////} PROCEDURE CreateNewClass; VAR newname : STRING; ch : HANDLE; BEGIN { StrDialog() displays a dialog which prompts the user to enter } { a name for the new class being created. } newname:= StrDialog('Enter name of new class:','Untitled Class'); { DidCancel detects if the user clicked the Cancel button. If the } { the user did NOT click the Cancel button, then proceed with performing } { the operations in the code block. } IF NOT DidCancel THEN BEGIN { check to see if the class name is in use } ch:= GetObject(newname); { if the class name is not in use, create the class; otherwise alert } { the user and exit the script } IF (ch = NIL) THEN NameClass(newname) ELSE AlrtDialog('Class name already exists.'); END; END; Run(CreateNewClass);
  12. The following script can create a new class but it only give you the option to name it to fast create, i was wondering if i can add a second line in which i can decide what color fill my class to have? Thank you
  13. Does anyone know if there is a way to center a 2d or 3d object between to two lines/points. or if someone knows a script that can do that? Thank you
  14. Hello WhoCanDo and Larry, and yes (whocando) basically that's what I am trying to accomplish, that the object to duplicate itself, next to each other as I stretch the rectangle but it will stretch in its own increments. The size of the starting rectangle can be determine in the object info. Larry Can the grid spacing be determine if I try that alternative for now?
  15. Hello is there script I can make that I can stretch a rectangle in increments ? it can be 2D rectangle. As for the size of the rectangle I could just type it in the object info palette? The increments would be a one way stretch. Thank you
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