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slow going Vectorworks



What is that with the memory, speed of vectorworks 2018 and 2019 on a mac?
I notice that as I work with vectorworks the program gets slower and slower. Sometimes I get the message that I am out of memory, while I have 24GB of memory. When I close Vectorworks after a long look on a rotating beach ball and restart it goes very smoothly for a while. Someone also solve that problem and how.

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sp3 on vw19 braught back some speed for me.

when you have many drawings open then avoid having many of them in rednering mode open-gl.

that takes memory here too. when switching back to wireframe when you are not working on invisible drawings, memory gets released. with sp1 and sp2 that wasn´t released.

this is what i can see.

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Thank you for the answer. It is mainly in the vectorworks 2018 SP 6 where I have the problem, while only 1 drawing is open. But then everything goes very slow, selecting, moving, until the only solution is to close the program, empty the cache and restart, then I can usually work again for half an hour, but then you feel it slowing down considerably. I work with the Dutch version, so SP3 for 2019 is not yet available. But it is frustrating to have to work that way.

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I didn´t even know that there is a localized dutch version.

We are in germany, but work with the international version here...

What MacOs are you working on?

Some virus program running in the back? We have a Sophos system running here and there it was necessary to apply a rule that sophos doesn´t scan the vw app while running.

that slowed down things too...

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Yes there is also a Dutch version of Vectorworks. Designexpress is the distributor for Belgium and the Netherlands. I work with MacOs Mojave, and there are no antivirus programs running on the mac. CleanmymacX. And I usually get the message that I am running out of memory. I also feel the longer you work with VW the more the cach files increase,

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I notice  you have only 1.5GB of VRAM and an on-CPU graphics chip (unless it the signature info is outdated) , this may be part of the issue as well as it will run out of memory fairly quickly with rendering etc. based on my experience with lower specced hardware in the past.


That being said, VW2019 has been quite slow until SP2 on Windows as well with several operations. SP2 did improve things but hopefully SP3 will solve most of the remaining speed issues. What version of OSX are you on? VW seems to suffer from slowness more on some versions of OSX than other versions based on the forum topics.


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Thanks for remember me to update my specifications about my computer. This is what it is for the moment


iMac (Retina 5K, 27-inch, 2017)

Processor 4,2 GHz Intel Core i7

memory 24 GB 2400 MHz DDR4

Radeon Pro 575 4096 MB


and sometimes by rendering section viewport in Open GL I have 1,8MB left of my memory

Programs that run on the same time are outlook, safari and iTunes.






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Technically speaking this configuration shouldn't have issues from a hardware point of view, so it is either VW itself or the combintation with your version of OSX (almost said MacOS, as I switched to Windows shortly before OSX came out). I've done OpenGL rendering on a Windows laptop of fairly heavy 3D models with just 2GB or VRAM and 8 GB of RAM and most of the time it went well and only running out of memory at times when set at highest quality for almost everything, but that was with VW2016. Since VW2017 things are taking more memory and take longer to render depending on settings but VW2019 is doing better than VW2017/2018 imho (or it could be my more powerful systems 😙).


You may want to check your render settings and turn some settings a notch down as that can make quite a difference in render time and therefore probably also required memory.

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