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Instrument summary text disappearing Spotlight 2019 SP2

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This has been a perpetual issue ever since the tool was introduced. When this happens it is generally when I am exporting to a pdf from a sheet layer. I'm sorry to see it still happening in 2019. It hasn't happened for a while and I thought the issue had been fixed.


My best workaround for now is to use the eye dropper tool and copy all the parameters of the old Instrument summary object and then delete it. Insert a new summary object and apply the old parameters to it.


Obviously save the file first before deleting the old summary object.

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Just want to let everybody know that this issue is back in VWX 2021 and does not go away with updating to SP3


This one just drove me crazy the last days since i have to fight with it on every reissue i have to do. Sometimes it works, sometimes it only affects one sheet, sometimes another. Thanks for the workaround with the eyedropper, it speeds up the process of renewing at least a little bit. 




This is very annoying at not acceptable for a professional and quite expensive software and the fact that this bug is in the software since more then two years now doesn´t make it better!


Bildschirmfoto 2021-05-03 um 13.06.04.png

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee


I just tried to replicate this issue using your test file and the text is displaying correctly for me. I tested it using 2021 sp3.1 build 588748.

What exact service pack and build did you test this with and have the issue?




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Thanks to Jesse, it seems he pushed me in the right direction and the problem seems to be solved now. I assigned a text style to the class where the summary lives and since then i had no more issues with the text disappearing when publishing. It seems the Instrument Summary needs a class text style assigned, i´ve never done this before because it always worked for me.


Howsoever, it seems again, like mostly, the bug sits in front of the screen 🙂


Thanks again and keep all safe and sound,


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