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For the love of everything sacred - space bar for pan tool ONLY!!

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I can't count the number of times I am noting up a drawing or making a label or doing anything other than making a shape in the info bar, I go to use the space bar to bring up the pan tool to pan in the drawing and I change the font size, or something equally annoying that I have to undo.  This is an added distraction, time suck (aka feature) of 2019.  What engineering genius (sarcasm) thought of using the space pare for anything else but bringing up the move tool.  I have wasted hours going back and resizing fonts.  If I wanted to access those features I would be using the TAB key.


Please please please change it back so the only thing the space bar does while in the drawing is the MOVE tool.


I can't be alone hear can I??? Anyone else find this annoying, is there a fix??

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I need my Space-bar for Spaces in Text and such ...

Middle Mouse or Scroll Wheel Click does also PAN.

So I don't use Space-bar a lot for Panning.


As long as you are in an active Text Input, it should work

as a Space-bar, when you hover your cursor over a drawing

view, it should work as your PAN.

But as long as the Cursor blinks in your Text Filed, although

your mouse cursor already over a view,

VW can not not really know that you want to PAN in a View

instead, until you click or perhaps by scroll wheel-ing ?

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Note when typing text, that is just silly. I'm talking when I am doing things like changing fraction in the dimension tool and want to pan.  


I am not talking about zooming in and out i use the mouse tool for that


I use the space bar a lot to move left and right on the plate.   For example it I have a certain tool picked (not the text tool) and want to do a quick pan right instead of going to the pan tool panning then re selecting the tool being used I simple press space, pan, let go and I am back in the tool Line square etc.    Huge time saver extremely efficient,


As far as "Not aware of any changes being made


I am in 2019.  I just opened VW 2018 and just did the same action and instead of the space bar switching the fractions in Dimension, it brought up a temporary pan tool, just like I have been used to since 2019.  SO it's not a bug, a patch, or a problem, it is a feature in 2019.  Try it yourself.  do the following


Open a page, select the dimension tool.  After drawing a dimension, change the fraction from 1/8 to 1/2.  Then hold the space bar down to temporarily pan.  In 2018 the little hand comes up and I can move around the drawing, something I have done since 2014.  Do the same thing in 2019 and the fraction will change to t next one down.

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