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  1. Don't reall use those, I tend to make everything custom. But I need my drawings to look realistic and have all the molding details that no cad program really deals with.
  2. That would be great! Architect scale is traditionally represented in the form of a fraction ie - 1/4"=1'-0". Standard for all my drawings going to construction since hand drafting. It's an architectural graphic standard, as referenced in the attached image below from Ramsey/Sleeper's first edition Architectural Graphic standards circa 1932.
  3. It seams that when I use this button I get a 1:48 engineering type scale instead of the standard fraction in an architect scale 1/4"=1'-0". I don't know why it doesn't match what is shown as my scale in the viewport. See attached images 1- What I see 2-What I want 3-Viewport
  4. So I’m teaching a masters workshop in TV and Film design NCSA and asked the masters degree students what they thought of VW 2020 without mentioning the UI or this thread. Not one of them liked it. I was even asked “what was up with the cartoon icons.” I asked if any one of them used “Mac Dark” and not one of them did. Makes me wonder who on the UI team is enamored with Mac dark, and did VW shoot themselves in the foot ignoring 3/4 of the users (pc dark, pc light, and Mac light) just to cater to the shines new product in the room “Mac dark”. makes no sense. listen to the future pro users to please.
  5. Wow you are right I just noticed that.
  6. I had to watch the promo videos wow I have to agree so much better than what we have to look at. So crisp and clean less cartoony and bulbus. I hope some one is taking notes.
  7. I wish I would have thought of that. I learned hotkeys on VW so I customize my other programs to match.
  8. No Apologies needed!@! Very well put and also the struggle I am having trying to get VW to be the standard in my industry, where it is split 50/50. And frankly when it's 50 and I am faster than my AutoCad counterparts, I get hired or I am employed far longer on a project because of my ability to output, clearly, visual, and accuratly with effeciency and speed thanks to Vectorworks. I too am a hot key kinda guy but some things I only use once in a while and it's nice to have the option to use the tool set. While minor overall to some it's major because we all work in a visual medium.
  9. Yes I totally agree with @RussU and you. It was a very insightful and interesting post that spoke to my point exactly. I have to admit I am in kinda the same position The "Other Program" (Maybe why deleted??) has a very Dark art and overly technical and complicated look to it, the fact is I am twice as fast as any one using the other program. I have even converted another designer/ draftsman to our side because they were impressed by my speed. Part of that speed is using the hot buttons and not the icons(Debating hiding the icons altogether) FYI I tried windows "dark mode" and "High Contrast Mode" for a day, and several key dialogue boxes were completely useless (attached below) SLowed my effeciancy down enough to bail using dark mode and taking both tool palettes of and having a keystroke quick reference by my computer. Yes the look in any other mode besides MAC DARK MODE is embarrassing to have any client see like "angelojoseph" said above it looks like I am using a copy of "DIY Homebuilder Pro". Seams like catering to one look on one platform, instead of the overall community is short sighted. I can't figure out why this is the case? Is some one involved in the GUI enamored with Mac Dark, is that all they use so that is all they care about?? Even if it was just a mac program (which it's not) why design GUI for just one mode?? The followin sums things up on what I am dealing with too: "While I've been producing really really quick and accurate drawing sets in VW, the other designer here likes to make our job look like a dark art. He's an A--- ---D fan, terribly slow and over-complicated, and likes to scare people about how specialist and difficult CAD is."....." One of the comments was that A--- ---D "looks the part" and is the "industry Standard", and I'm using an "entry level" substitute product...." As Steve Jobs Said to the engineers "Make time for the fonts"
  10. I just wish the PC side of things was paid attention to, luckily I don't find the tools as I use hot keys to do that unless it is a tool I don't use very often. Some of the icons simply don't look like what they are intended for. See circled below. I also hate to say it but it looks embarrassing when compared to other CAD programs, That means a lot when a client/ producer look at the program you are working on and judge your abilities based on what the UI look like. And it does happen.
  11. I'm trying Windows "Dark" mode and the icons are much better but there are other dialogue boxes I can't even read argh!!!!
  12. I really like this setting, my only problem is the numbers that come up when I move or draw and object are not legible I would love to change them so it is white background with grey letters. Not Black with Dark Blue. Anyone have an idea how to do that?
  13. I waited until work slowed down a tad before upgrading. Just upgraded yesterday since I am not under a strict deadline.
  14. I'm glad I'm not the only one. Makes me want to be running another program, that looks a bit more professional. So sad there isn't a way to do this I might call tech support. Is this is what they think users want in an upgrade, they are mistaken. I would like to see the research or focus group for this. Might call support today and see if there is a way to set it back.
  15. Is there any way to convert the appearance earlier versions? Anything that looks less cartoony. I know it's not a big thing but it feels like I'm working on a kids program. Thanks
  16. Help latest VW update took a valuable feature away. When I go to publish (No I don't wan't to export PDF I publish because it's a feature I use in my work flow). Before the latest updaye I would get a dialogue box saying You have Successfully published x of x number of files Now it's gone, is there any way to turn it on or get it back again? Thanks
  17. Graphics drivers are up to date. This is a known bug, because I have recreated it from a blank document while on the phone with vecrtorworks tech support using team viewer. Also a co worker on another windows machine has exactly the same issue. When in Annotation layer you right click and proceed to design layer. When you are done in design layer you exit view-port to return to Annotation layer. When you return to Annotation layer EVERYTHING is off, the fix is to exit annotation layer and view full page (ctrl 4) then go back in to annotation layer to continue work) Up until 2nd 2019 update when you returned to the annotation layer you could continue work without the extra step of going out then back into the annotation layer.
  18. Major know bugs like the Annotation/ to Design Layer/ to back to annotation layer bug. This is a major work flow issue, that has cost me time. It wasn't an issue until 2019 service pack 3 or 4. No despite what tech support said on the phone it is not a user issue, or "your not suppose to do it that way" It used to work that way fix it. It adds steps, steps add time, time takes away from efficiency. Lack of efficiency cause users to look for more efficient ways, exploring other options.
  19. Same issue, on the phone with Tech support and they say it isn't a known issue. Sporadic and can't always re create the problem. Good to know I am no the only one. Just curious is this a Windows 10 problem? That is what I am running. Following this and showing it to Tech support.
  20. I figured it out, might not be of help though. YOu have to set the scale in the design layer and your viewport will default to that scale. I have been going back and forth. I used to draft 1:1 because exporting and importing various files handled 1:1 better. However recently it was presented to me that you will see the Hatches correctly if you work in a scale in the design layer. It also helps when labeling furniture. I used to do furniture in annotation layer to move with annotations. Now I do that in a design layer as a class I turn on or off. Mostly because directors plans are not something that are independent but being referenced from the original design file, as well as referencing stage plans for the ground plans. This way revisions will track across all drawing and only revising one. Finally on a Dept that is all vectorworks and it is working fantastic, we even use workgroups as way to do a drawing with multiple designers~!. Hope that makes sense.
  21. Yes it does, however there is a way to change the default to whatever scale you want. On my laptop I have it defaulting to 1/2" scale when the view port window pops up. It saves an extra step,. Unfortunately it is something I don't do a lot so I forgot how 😞
  22. How do I change it from 1:1 to say 1/2" scale. and have that be my default without messing with stories. I am not an architect and Stories is a level more complicated than I need. I have done it before but forgot how and I am on a new computer settign up my defaults. Thanks
  23. Opening more than one tab and not being able to copy and paste between tabs. One always stops responding. It's killing my productivity and work flow. This has been an issue since you introduced tabs on Windows machines. I think I speak for the majority of subscribers. WE NEED THESE BASIC BUGS FIXED before we want a new version with more features. Please Please Please fix issues that have been long running.
  24. Yet another glitch that is slowing my productivity down. The orientation box! I cannot select the right hand dots to orient a resize to the right. Known glitch I have called about it and it's recorded as one. My colleague called and same. It's not fixed yet. I really want to know when it will be fixed, not interested in a work around, not just affecting me but frustrating others at work. I would rather, for my subscription, have a product released when it's ready, rather than a product rushed to release some arbitrary date to satisfy the need to subscribe. This is the problem with the subscriber system having to have a release every year.


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