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  1. UPDATE: @JuanP Still no solution found. It is a consistent repeatable error. I have found out it is only when exporting a sheet layers or multiple sheet layer. I export too the design layer to DWG works fine. I also exported as several different file types with out a problem including EPSF and PDF etc. I am pretty sure that it's not a graphic display driver. After uninstalling and reinstalling, as well as downgrading the video driver to the same results. I used DDU to delete all of my video drivers at go back to "Microsoft basic driver" Still the same results. Open Vectorworks/ open Vectorworks file/ Export DWG as a sheet/. I also Opened my older copy of Vectorworks 2021. and no issues exporting at all. That trouble shooting I'm sure it's a Vectorworks 2022 problem. I did uninstall and reinstall Vectorworks, importing all my custom settings. Going to try and do a clean intall with out my settings and see if that works.
  2. Yes but this didn't start a month ago, but two days ago and Vectorworks is a daily used program.
  3. Except this is a brand new problem and I have been using Vectorworks on this computer for a while. My computer is not being "Taxed" that is for sure, not with the processor etc I have on board.
  4. Here are some photos and a video of what happens https://www.dropbox.com/s/058e13vw8b2t022/2022-05-27 17.50.59.mov?dl=0
  5. Before blaming anything else, I opened, saved, ran and exported all other programs on my PC including Sketchup, Ai, PS and some others. Nothing happened but ewhen I do the following in V works text on screen disapears Open Vectorworks/ open Vectorworks file/ Export DWG/ The save bar goes funky and I can't see text in explorer. I will attach photos of occurrence this evening can't do a screen capture. Yes I turned it on and back off again, yes I uninstralled and reinstalled vectorworks. Attached are machine specs
  6. Doing a nine light window pane that has 1/2" EQ spaced muntins. I was going to use the 1/2" double line set to polygons and over lap them using equal spacing. I then wanted to trim all the intersections out WITHOUT using the cut tool. I have done this before I thought using <Modify> clip to surface or add surface. It literally took two steps. Now I am trying it again and don't know if the function isn't the same in 2021 or if I am just doing it in the wrong order.
  7. After the update this starts happening. Rotating horizontally or vertically places object at the other side of the drawing. Anyone else have this issue?
  8. Can you screen shot where "Edit design Layer" box is? I have been looking for it when I am editing the design view port and also in the OIP with viewport selectred. Just not finding the box to uncheck.
  9. The gang on phone support have always been fantastic and knowledgeable. I have happily re subscribed every year so I can have premium technical support, I don't mind that at all. Here is my question. Today when I called in it went to VM saying leave my name and phone number and they will call me back in 24 hours. Did the premium tech support turn into a call back service, sometimes I don't have 24 hours to wait on a solution, did Vworks lay off tech support workers and now they can't handle the volume. I am hoping it was just an odd day of hi call volume and it isn't the way things are going to be for now on.
  10. I may be missing something here. A. - If I am in a view port and right click to go to my design layer. All other layers are now hidden by default. Is there a way to undo this so tired of taking the extra step righ click and show snap layers. I do this because I want to see my plan layer with my elevation layer when I work on them through a view port. B- In the 2021 reference marker (yes I know I can use legacy but hate the exclamation point with it makes me feel I am doing something wrong). How do I change styles of the marker from section, to detail, to elevation? they all have different arrows I use. Thanks for your help
  11. Agreed. not as bad as I feared once I learned the way they re did it. Pat Stanford: Yes you can use legacy to make a label but cant default legacy to default viewport label.
  12. So you took something that was easily customizable that NO ONE was complaining and made it more difficult to adjust font and sizes on the fly? WHY!?!?! and is there a way I can go back to the more customizable version?
  13. For some reason the original resource was created as nurbs instead of lines. I had to edit in the 3D objects. I basically Copied the nurbs, pasted into a document, converted to lines then composed. Finally saving the symbol. Just in case some one has the same problem.
  14. I have a moldings resource manager. Some I double click then on the third click I can place the resource in the drawing. Others I double click and Vworks places it seemingly randomly on the design layer. My question is there any way to edit the properties of placing a resource object on the design layer?
  15. True but if clients are looking at the software we use and think it's less than autocad, then the job will go to the person who is perceived to have the more professional program. It is about efficiency true but also about perception. Throwing the bathwater out for 1/3 at the most of the users is a mistake.
  16. Yes a couple times, I might be missing something will call support tomorrow.
  17. Wireframe is even though I have it set to Open GL Yes solid fill see below this is when I manually change to open GL
  18. Taking some time learning 3D ,I usually draft in 2D, I wanted the Default when working in #D to be oppen GL. In my preferences it is set to Open GL but when I go from top plan to any 3D view it still in wire frame. Am I missing something. See images and video attached Vectorworks Designer 2020 - [_MDF Drafting Blank 2020.vwx] 2020-06-03 17-21-10.mp4
  19. Yes I wonder that too, Why design the interface for 1/3 of the users? Disregarding Mac Light Mode and PC users? I don't understand the need for icon change just so Mac Dark mode would look good. was there an outcry from Mac dark mode users, or was there one person on the GUI team enamored with Dark Mode?
  20. I was taking the Core concepts class just to keep my skills up in VW, they were using the 2019 version. Sigh I forgot how professional the program looked back then compared to the cartoon icons we have to deal with right now. Glad I don't have to show anything on zoom. @JuanP - Are you guys working on this? Can we get it fixed before we are going to go back to work virtually in the fall
  21. Just wondering if there are any plans in the works for discounts for subscribers? I accepted that the price went up but for the past few months thanks to Covid 19 I am not using Vectorworks. I was wondering if there were any plans for a discount in the yearly subscription (I just paid my 715$ for the year). Both Gieco and State Farm insurance companies acknowledge that cars are not being driven as much and have both offered a 15% discount. Might be a nice community thing to do. Just a suggestion as a way for Vectorworks to help give back to their supporters.
  22. Yes to all of that! thanks for working on this!! I have always said VW has the best tech support, you have always been there when I have had to call in a problem. It's nice to see this being addressed to. Thanks again Martin
  23. Yep that's how I do it. @Andy Broomell really brings up a good point @Pat Stanford @Nikolay Zhelyazkov . If there are multiple scaled viewports the TBB should be able to recognize that and defalt to the scale being "AS NOTED" This would be the same reason we want to have the choice of architectural or engineer depending on how the design layer is set up, it just makes things more efficient and faster than typing it out. All you have to do is click on Update scale.
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