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Trouble with exporting to a DWG

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Once in a while we have had that problem also - it won't open properly in autocad, or autocad hangs, but will reimport to vectorworks fine. For one file, we converted to an earlier version of Vectorworks - 9 which then converted to autocad with no problems. I'd do this as the last try, since it doesn't convert as nicely for fills, hatches, images, etc. Try purging your drawing also.

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Katie - I have a question about the exporting of hatches.

- Export a VW drawing to DWG using all the default settings.

- Reimport the drawing into VectorWorks.

All of the hatch spacings wiil have been divided by 1000 so that what were reasonable spaced hatches now look like solid fills.

How do I prevent this from happening?

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A couple of thoughts (work with a copy of your drawing):

- Try exporting to AutoCAD 14 (Simpler may be better)

- Try exporting from the Design Sheets rather than the Viewports and see if that makes any difference.

Purge the drawing of everything possible first. Also make sure that you are not exporting invisible classes

Doing the latter you may be able to isolate whether the problem is specific to a particular layer of your drawing.

As a last resort absolutely dumb down your drawing by:

- Converting all symbols and plug-in objects to groups and then ungrouping them.

- Ungrouping all groups

- Ungroup the walls (if they have solid fills unfill them first) and then use Custom Selection to select and delete all the polylines with zero line thicknessees on the centrelines of the walls that ungrouping reveals.

- Delete all Guides

- Delete all 2D and 3D loci (use Custom Selection to select them)

This will make all of the informaton just linework which should be easier to export. It is probably worth doing a purge of everything possible before you actually do the export.

I would also check the extents of your drawing and make sure there is not a stray object way off the drawing.

If it still won't work try sending it t another AutoCAD person and see if they have the same problem so that you can eliminate your copy of AutoCAD.

If you still don't have success you had better then send it to the NNA tech people to see if they are able to solve the mystery.

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A very perplexing CAD file.

The Good News: Will open successfully in AutoCAD 2004. Will NOT open in AutoCAD 2000 (even if saved back to R14 format). Now here?s where it gets even odder

Using a Translator supplied as part of VersaCAD 2003 (Yup! VersaCAD ? Any one remember this one?! ? Now available for OSX by the way) I translated from DXF to DWG. Translation went OK, by still wouldn?t open in AutoCAD per-2004. Translated from DXF to VersaCAD?s .2d format. Again, translation went OK. But, guess what. VersaCAD still could not open the converted drawing. Grrrr.

What?s odd, I think, is that a third-party translator (based in part, on OpenDWG libraries) can translate OK but still leaves something odd, or corrupt in the file as AutoCAD 2000 , or VersaCAD 2003 for that matter, sees it.

I was able to get it to open as far as 90% or so under A2K before crashing.

OldGuy JimL

Whoa! Late Breaking News! One Last Try.

Low and behold - the is what "appears to the eye" to be a hatch, but AutoCAD sees it as a Block (or symbol). I exploded the Block to the individual entities that make it up. And there was only one - a Hatch! Exploded the Hatch to it's individual lines and Budda Boom Budda Bing - a Useble AutoCAD 2000 format drawing.

Lessson: Things are not always what they first appear to be [Embarrassed]

[ 02-28-2005, 11:10 AM: Message edited by: oldguy ]

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Originally posted by Jim Smith:

VersaCad!!! Holy 80's Old Guy; you are, an old guy! 1st Cad & second software I ever used. As for the problem, we have had some problems lately; but importing DWG&DXF. Ridding the AutoCad file of all hatches seems to have worked, to make the file available in VW.

Yup. Started with VersaCAD 5.4 in 1988 on a screamin 386/20 with 4MB RAM - Hot Hot Hot. HAve you seen the latest update of VersaCAD Mac Edition - now runs as an OS X app.


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