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  1. The standard title block has a very small allowance for text in the project title fields, one word really how do you expand the amount of letters allowed ? If one enters two words it wraps below ? thanks
  2. Hi There, All I get is the insertion point not the symbol It works in a blank new drawing but not the existing what have I done wrong ? It seems the symbol is only visible in design layers ? thanks
  3. 2010 I want to scroll through the full plant list and pick out ones I like/use a lot then save this as a named list which I can then access in VW I can see you can mark individual plants as a favourite and you can then sort for favourites then how does one name this sorted set and save it please. thanks
  4. I import the PDF > I select all > I hit "Trace as a bitmap" > and a box comes up saying you must select image first. ?? The pdf is highlighted when I select it so why is it saying "I must select image first" ?? Thanks
  5. OK thanks for the replys. I am new to this so..................... I can get the drawing scanned as a pdf and then e-mailed. I can import the pdf into a new file Fine so far. I need to use this architectual pdf "base" plan as a base for a landscape drawing. What is the best method. I am guessing I should save the pdf base as one layer and then create my landscape works on another layer. yes ? Also : 1. I am assuming VW cant convert the pdf to a dwg ? 2. I cannot manipulate the pdf in any way can I, ie remove certain line work etc ? Thanks in advance
  6. Ozzie, a print shop will scan the paper drawing and convert it to a DWG and e-mail it to me for less than $10 ?
  7. Never tried this. I have an A2 site plan I need to turn into a VW CAD drawing, how can I do this ? Also I only have an A4 scanner Thanks
  8. Not hatched unfortunately and not on their own class, bugger.
  9. It is a pain in the next tracing I can tell you, ESPECIALLY WHEN YOU GET REVISIONS !!!!
  10. Thanks for the reply. I am trying that but the entire site outline ( which is a poly as well is being filled instead of the section of curved path. I have the path as the entire screen space as well.
  11. I need to trace over lots of curved pathways drawn by others to make closed polygons which I can then colour fill. I have beed trying combinations snapping which works well when I trace over buildinmg outlines that are square but curved lines are very hard to do. I have resorted to using no snapping and slowly clicking along the line by hand. Very slow indeed. Thanks
  12. VW 11.5 Is there a simple fill I can use to colour plant symbols, something kind of soft / water colour effect. Thanks
  13. Hard to explain this.............. But I am filling decking on a plan with coloured polygons. Most are fine and the coloured poly goes over the existing hatched detail on the drawing. Trouble is about 6 sections of deck seem to have been created in a different way than the rest and when I make the poly and then fill it, it dissapears behind the hatch and I cannot move it forward or the hatch back, no matter what I do the coloured poly is hidden behind the hatch block. I can put these hatched blocks into a new class and turn them off and the coloured polys show up fine but they look different to nunerous other sections of the drawings as they have both the black line work of the original hatch combined with the new coloured poly, quite different. The sections that dont work are in a different class than the ones that work, even when I put them in the same class it does not fix the problem ? Any ideas please ? Both types are created as symbols the ones that work are just black crossed lines whereas the ones that I am having problems with seem to be have with fill in them. Found the problem the troubled symbols were created with white fill in Them !!!! I edited the symbol and removed the fill. Thanks
  14. I am using pdf995 software and trying to saving a vw 11.5 drawing as a pdf. Print > choose pdf995 as the printer > ( do I need to save to file ? ) I save it and get a .ps extension for some reason, what am I doing wrong please. thanks
  15. I have changed the line weight of the plant symbol I am using in a drawing by editing the symbol in the RB, this works for new plants I now put in the drawing but how do I force all the existing plants with this symbol to update ? I have moved the symbol slightly but this has not worked. I got it to work by going back into the symbol itself in the plant catalog and choosing the symbol again but this is very long process. There must be a quick way of forcing all the symbols to change, yes ? thanks
  16. Whats the trick of changing all existing line weights of plant tags in a vw 11.5 drawing please ? Thanks
  17. Huge benefits with 2009 or the previous improvements with 2008 ? Hardware upgrades, you mean Ram ?
  18. :grin: :grin: The place plant tool has been a train wreck and what has made me reticent about upgrading is previous upgrades have not made a lot of difference to the tools stability, it is funny even now as each time I do a new drawing I put a piece of wood between my teeth when I activate the place plant tool the first time, every time without fail, the salt shaker appears, shudders, shivers, dissapears, comes back, shudders some more and then there is a scary pause..............until pop ! the drawing refreshes and in most occassions things are ok. I cannot speak for 2008 landmark and the place plant tool as you say maybe the tool is much improved, but for someone who relies on its stable function so much ones confidence is shakey. As this post suggests yet again for no reason in the middle of a drawing the place plant tool crashes and renders the drawing and all the work invested in it a loss. :eek:
  19. I understand that, question is what incentive is there to upgrade when (perhaps, ie jurys still out and await more feedback) advancements in the core function of landmark ( ie the place plant tool) are so minimal, ( ie plant tags and some more species in the library ) ?
  20. Sounds like 2009 is an "UPGRADElite" Look forward to your thoughts on the landmark section.
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