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Why can't I see my PDF's? VW 2019



If I import a PDF into a viewport, I can't see it.  It's there, I can click on it.  I can also see it for a split second when I'm zooming and things are refreshing.  And it even prints too!  But why can't I see it otherwise??


Things work much better when I import a PDF into a design layer, but I used to be able to bring them into a sheet layer too.  


As an aside, and maybe related - why does everything feel so laboured and clunky with VW2019?  Something is going on with this software, and it's hard to put into words.


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I am also experiencing similar behaviour with design layer viewports and referenced viewports (along with the pdf behaviour.) Is this the same bug? It's really a drag on my workflow. I notice sometimes toggling "zoom line thickness" and "show other objects outside of edit modes" will refresh and bring their visibility back, but that only works a couple times til i have to restart vworks.

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