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Export to SketchUp - 2019 VW

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FBX exports relatively cleanly to SketchUp; it maintains the overall look/feel of the model. But you need a FBX import plugin.  We own a copy of Simlab's plugin. The nice thing about FBX is that VW colors and materials will be exported via this approach.




The challenge with FBX exports is that once you import the VW model into SketchUp, you need to undertake a fair bit of cleanup to make the files usable.  For whatever reason, Vectorworks exports faceted geometry, and this needs to be cleaned up using the Sketchup Cleanup3 plugin.  You also have to fuss with soft and smooth edges. The geometry is also oddly grouped.



Otherwise, I have had not as much luck with .dae exports.  But it may just be me.



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cberg, I have SketchUp 2018 Pro & can not see the exported file FBX which becomes a 3D Object file. In SU using the import menu it will not recognize the file to import.

Guess I'm going have to just edit somebody else's SU file to the existing as built conditions which will make it more fun.


Thanks though

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I'm not fully understanding your question.  I am attaching screenshots of my VW model.  And my sketchup import using the Simlab FBX import plugin.  You can see the model imports quite cleanly.  I export the fbx file to my desktop.  And import using the plugin. 


Original VW Model:



Sketchup Import using fbx.



You can see faceted geometry that needs to be cleaned up...1589779141_ScreenShot2018-12-12at10_31_33AM.thumb.png.ed65660d5205d7b31c6d547d0262fe1f.png


Cleanup procedure using Sketchup CleanUp3 plugin242709969_ScreenShot2018-12-12at11_05_46AM.thumb.png.351226267a3a788350812d7b48337856.png


Geometry can now be pushed and pulled.  Sometimes you need to adjust soft and smooth edges for it to appear correctly53192037_ScreenShot2018-12-12at11_06_34AM.thumb.png.41754d8d3217e6093e59f8e9d15139ee.png

Faceted geometry

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Export to a 3d file, practice with the different options in export & importing into SketchUp, I was finally able to open in SKU with having the diagonal facet lines but right now do not remember the exact setting or if was in the export or the import. Just lots of trials & errors. Hope that helps some

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Yes, you can export to a 3DS file & then when opening in SketchUp you will have to try the import 3D options to get the objects with out the diagonal facet on each face. You have to have both programs & in VW make a 3D square or rectangle & a sphere then export them & practice opening in SKU to get the best import options. Then you can do the reverse with same trials of export options & import options. 

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