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Static System Not Supported

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Hello, New to Braceworks, My Suspended hanging positions are behaving nicely but the truss they are suspended from is giving me an error message saying the static system is not supported. I am not sure how to hang this position as insert drop doesn't want to connect to an inserted house position?


Any thoughts?




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Hi Tom


From your description you are trying to hang the upper (or pre-rig) truss using the 'insert connection' tool, this will not work as it is designed only to connect between trusses and/or pipes. To hang your pre-rig truss correctly (for braceworks calculations) there are a number of possible methods,


The quickest is to use the 'insert hoist tool', attach the motors to the truss and then adjust the high hook field in the OIP to match the height of your house rigging point

The next is to right click on the 'insert hoist tool' and select 'insert deadhang' option, attach the deadhangs to your truss and adjust the chain length and shorten field in the OIP to the desired heights.

In both the above methods it is not necessary to attach the hoist or deadhang to a house rigging point and the newton loads will be displayed both in the OIP and on the hoist or deadhang label


A third way is to use the 'insert bridle tool', for this you have to first either insert house rigging points or structural members using the appropriate tool and then go into the bridle preferences in the spotlight rigging menu to tell the tool which it should attach to. Next select the 'insert bridle tool' and select the type of bridle you want to insert (single/ deadhang, 2 leg, 3leg, etc) then insert your bridles. The advantage of this last method is that the bridle tool will generate diagrams of the bridles and associated material lists for your rigging team, both saving time on the get in day and helping with the pack list planning.


If you need any further help give me a shout using Slack or by email and we can share a screen, I am based in Berlin so the time difference is not a big problem.




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