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UCS not on building, so flyover tool makes building shoot away


Hello everyone,


I want to use the flyover tool to see my building from all angles as I develop the design.

The trouble is, the building is 50m away from the internal origin, which seems to be the centre point that the flyover tool rotates around.

I though it would be possible to move the centre point of the rotation for the flyover tool without affecting the user or internal origins, but I can't find how.

I have moved the user origin onto the building but it didn't move the flyover centre point.

So from this I deduce the flyover centre point is fixed to the internal origin.


Please let me know how to centre the flyover tool without moving all the elements manually to the internal origin.






Sorry everyone - I have answered my own question!

The flyover tool appears to centre on an average position at the centre of elements in the drawing.

So if you are working towards the edge of all your elements, which are for example 50m wide, place a sacrifial element 50m further away.

It will then centre the flyover tool over the area you are trying to edit and will scroll around that point.

You might need to move your new element around a bit to make the flyover tool be precisely where you want it, but at least this will stop it from shooting off the screen.

You can then delete your sacrificial element once you have completed editing.

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I answered my own question and wanted to add it

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Look at the mode bar for this tool. There are five modes available. One of which should allow you to do what you want without adjusting the user origin. 


Hope that helps.

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It sounds like you have the 4th mode "Active Layer Plane Origin Mode". This will use the origin as the rotation point.


You probably want the first mode "View Center Mode", or the second mode "Interactive Origin Mode". The View Center will rotate around the current view. The Interactive Origin Mode will let you click to specify the point to rotate around.


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Thanks to you both.

You are right of course.

Of all the available modes, I was using the only one which sends your building out of the screen.

Maybe I needed some more coffee this morning or something 




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