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Teaser Tuesday - 2D Components for Hybrid Objects - Vectorworks 2019

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5 minutes ago, line-weight said:


Why not just have VW grey and uncheck it when going to OpenGL, then un-grey and re-check it when going back to HL.


This means the user will see the setting turned off but it might (or might not) automatically select when the viewport is changed to Hidden Line? That seems a bit more confusing to me.

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Hi Matt,


Thanks for the insights.


5 hours ago, Matt Panzer said:

Here's the reasoning behind the current behavior: Let's say you rendered in Hidden Line and turned the option on. Now you change the render mode to OpenGL. If VW automatically greys and unchecks it, the setting is lost when the user switches back to Hidden Line. VW could grey and leave it checked. But this is also confusing since the setting is really turned off for that render mode.


If 2d Components truly are going to be limited to specific render modes (currently only Hidden Line) then maybe the control should reside within the Render Settings instead.




Then when there's finally universal render styles (instead of just for Renderworks modes) control for 2d Components would fall within that which would be great. There are now so many different UI conventions VW is starting to feel a bit like a UI experiment.


5 hours ago, Matt Panzer said:

When the Display 2D Components option is used, the 3D component (in most cases) is replaced by the 2D. This would leave OpenGL rendering the 2D component in the background. This would not provide great results. If you're wanting to render the 3D components in in OpenGL (background render) and 2D Components in Hidden Line (foreground render), that might also provide odd results. Think of symbolic 2D graphics over 3D shaded geometry that doesn't match up. I'm not saying that all cases would be like this, but many would. This would also significantly increase render time since the viewport would have to render the 3D geometry first, then swap the 3D components with 2D components and render in hidden line again. That all said, we certainly can explore this in the future if good use cases arise.


I find that using AO with OpenGL is a quick way to help with the clarity of a design drawing. Many of the views I'm rendering with Hidden Line / OpenGL rendering are orthographic views. When I wrote my original post I was working to make a horizontal plan (section) more readable. The symbols in question are musicians with NURBS surface cutout figures for the 3d but proper plan view outlines of a sitting person for the 2d component. The 3d would read as a line in a top/plan style section.




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On 8/30/2018 at 12:14 PM, Jim Wilson said:

In 2019 when I create a Section VP, will the new 2D symbol cut-plane mean that we can control which objects will show as a “cut section”? Meaning that furniture, Plumbing fixtures, etc can be made to no longer show as being cut in section?
We will readdress this question after the official release, as it pertains to another major feature that we have not teased yet. Please remind us!


Maybe this ^^^ question was already answered in a subsequent post, but I couldn’t find it - I’m still curious what the answer is. Thanks.

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On 10/6/2018 at 3:45 PM, rDesign said:

Maybe this ^^^ question was already answered in a subsequent post, but I couldn’t find it - I’m still curious what the answer is. Thanks.


You're right. This was not yet answered. This can be done per object per viewport in section viewports. While in Edit in-place, you can optionally have an object display as seen completely beyond (or before) the cut plane. Horizontal sections have the additional ability to define a custom cut plane location. In the video, you will notice a bug where the shelving set to display below the cut plane does not display, however, setting the cut plane above the object has the same effect.


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@Matt Panzer - thank you for the explanation and video. 

Perhaps in a future version update, instead of having to override the section Cut Plane individually for each item in the Section VP, there could be an option to override the section Cut Plane per Class, so that no objects on the Furniture class would be cut in that section (for example). Maybe this is what the ‘By Viewport’ setting in that ‘Cut Plane and Display’ dialogue box already does.


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