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@NikF I wasn't familiar with Placemaker until now.


Depending on where you are one can get similar data sets through GIS. Some of this is free and in other locations you have to pay. After you have determined the availability you can import legacy shape files and create and create a site model from the contours. With some extra knowledge of Marionette and some help from Vectorworks forum users you can create scripts that can query the data sets for building and assign buildings by use to a class and extrude them to their assigned height. I had some help to achieve this as shown in the attached image.


Best of luck!


GIS analysis.jpg

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

You could also explore the Modify by Record command. If you have a shapefile, which contains 2D polygons with attached data records, Vectorworks can read the records and perform mass actions on the polygons, such as elevate them to the appropriate Z value, and then extrude them by their relative heights.

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