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Can't select lights in Collab Doc


Hi Everyone,


I'm working on a show, and I just got a VWX from a lighting designer. It looks like they've placed lights within the sections I've designated, but I can see they've taken some liberties in placing additional light structures outside of the areas I've designated. I don't have a problem with this, but I'm wondering if anyone knows: Why can't I select these elements?


I've tried the usual digging through layers and force selecting and digging through viewports, but I'm wondering if there's some way to obfuscate/lock elements or plugin items that I'm just not aware of...


I can send a segment of the file to anyone who thinks they may have an idea about this...




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I can take a look; I cannot guarantee success but I do understand the frustration of others making "hidden" changes and the time taken to fix things etc.


If you wish, you can send it on.


eamondofox at me .com 






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It could possibly be a class issue. I would check to make sure the class options are set to "Show/Snap/Modify Others". Is sometimes catches me if someone I'm collaborating with has a different to mine. I always have my class options set this way but some prefer to only be able to modify items in the current active class.




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