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RM "No Items to View"

Andy Broomell


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This is a good idea. And while we're at it, I would love to see the resource sorting categories drop-down available from the contextual right-click menu, up there next to 'View As' & 'Sort By'. I'm in favor less mouse movement and fewer clicks in general.


On a somewhat related note, when I'm creating a new resource from the contextual menu while sorting by the images category (for example), I would like to see all resource types available for creation rather than just images (that is, always display 'New Resource in…' rather than getting specific with 'New Image in…' [or whatever category I'm sorting by]). Again, less mouse movement and fewer clicks is the mantra. It's for this reason that I generally shy away from sorting by category, and opt for using the search bar from 'All Resources' instead. I'm an organization freak, and appreciate the additional tools, but organization should facilitate workflow, not hinder it as this does for me.


I'll stop now since this is turning into a separate topic of it's own. 😎

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As an option instead of hiding the content, could it change to a view that is sectioned by content? 

Hot list drop-down would scroll to points in the view associated with the content type. with Space and same note.

No need to move, hit buttons or right click just scroll. 


All resources would change back to standard view. 


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