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Variable thickness wall



Specifically in Italy and in rest of Europe is a very import issue to have thickness wall control.


Every architect that comes from 2D draw and need to improvement the workflow switching to BIM ask us: "how can I create a variable thickness wall?".


How about add this improvement to next vectorworks versions?



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Not precisely. 

What we need is to manage the entire wall in creation phase. F.e creating a 3D model, free 3D model, convert it in a Wall, and add windows door etcetera. Or to set a different thickness from start to end. I know the projection command but you can't add a window and have a hole automatically



Schermata 2018-03-28 alle 15.35.20.png

Schermata 2018-03-28 alle 15.35.14.png

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6 minutes ago, zoomer said:

As far as I know the Window should go through.

The only problem I have with these Wall adaption options is at the ends of Walls and Joining.


Please zoomer show me the light beacause I'll be happy if I'm wrong :-D

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I just tried.

It seems to fail if you insert the Window from the wrong side (the feature side)

as it selects the feature and hides the Wall from Window insertion.

I rotated the View and could pick the Wall in the feature area, Window inserted

into Wall and goes through as it should.


But man works insertion slow ....

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