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Hoist self weight

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Thank you for answers @Rob Books
Have tried what you wrote, but I still feel that this is a bit tricky. I have now adjusted the 1ton, 1/2ton and 1/4 ton to the specs that our hoist have. if I open a new document and first insert a 1ton hoist, all the data is correct. When I try to insert a 1/2ton afterwards, all the specs from the 1ton also shows up on the 1/2. Why is that? 


Second question:
Would it be possible to add my own hoist (Loadguard) the same way that CM/Stagemaker/Tour rig ect? 

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I've encountered similar, though maybe not identical behavior.  Basically whatever you initially insert the Motor as, say 1T the weight of the hoist/chain etc are taken from,  then if you change the motor in the dropdown to 1/2T it will not update the hoist with the 1/2T's weight,  it will retain the information initially loaded with the 1T (or whatever you initially inserted).    The only reason I noticed is because is because of braceworks calculations and it's for sure annoying.  

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On 3/9/2018 at 4:40 PM, Rob Books said:

Go into the Resource Manager, in the Vectorworks Libraries>Defaults>Hoist Tools>Chain Hoist Symbols.vwx and open that file.  you can then edit the symbol (2D or 3D) you want in that file, and with nothing selected go to the Data tab in the Object Info Pallet.  in there you can edit the weight of the unit and the weight of the chain.  save that file to your user folder libraries with the same file path, so User>...>Vectorworks Libraries>Defaults>Hoist Symbols>Chain Hoist Symbols.vwx.  do that so that library updates will not overwrite your changed file.


I'm having trouble getting this work properly. I can't seem to find the correct symbol (or record) to update with correct hoist weight. For instance if I want to insert a CM Lodstar, 1/2 Ton, Down, with no function and have the default hoist weight be 66 lb, with 68' of chain @ .5 lb/ft, which symbol in the Chain Hoist Symbols.vwx file would I update? I've tried changing almost all of them with no success.




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