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  1. Rob Books

    Spotlight Tool Problems

    By any chance did you upgrade the OS? it is still not recommended to be on Mojave with VW.
  2. Rob Books

    Simplify Mesh Doesn't work?

    this is with a PDF active, it is greyed out, but still there. did you bring in a custom workspace from a previous version? I found it in the Workspace editor menus>Recent Changes>Vectorworks 2018>New Meun Items
  3. Rob Books

    Simplify Mesh Doesn't work?

    in the modify menu
  4. Rob Books

    System Scaffold as Custom Truss in Braceworks?

    there is a loci at each level of the post, and each of the components have loci that will connect to the center point. we did a ringlock library years ago with loci at every possible connection point, and there were too many points to really see what you were snapping to. the thought was that this would be the easier way to do it. This is all the library that Layher has authorized at this time, as they give us more lines and parts, we will expand the library. Unlike a user, we have to at least try to get permissions from the manufacturer.
  5. Rob Books

    System Scaffold as Custom Truss in Braceworks?

    At this time, Braceworks can not calculate a ground based system. so, scaffolding will not really work in Braceworks. we just released a library of Layher scaffolding Allround and will be talking with the engineers about the possibility of making it connect in Braceworks. Not sure if that will happen or not.
  6. Rob Books

    Vision - FAQ

    Also, if you request through one of the request forms, you do not have to request through the other. We are working to consolidate libraries, so both will be made. Just put a note on the VW request if you need the Vision format at the same time.
  7. Rob Books

    Flag Symbol

    there are some on turbosquid. though not sure how well they will come into vectoroworks. it is on our list, but they can be a pain to model the folds correctly.
  8. Rob Books

    Vision - FAQ

    Yes, our Vision guy makes the VW model too. not sure how they are deploying them, but we will be adding them to the libraries, and in the meantime, the VW individual files can be found at https://serviceselect.vectorworks.net/downloads/subscription-libraries/entertainment in the All customer requests card.
  9. Rob Books

    Record format assigned to a symbol

    and something else I learn. though we are often editing large number of symbols and their data, so we have a script that exports to an excel file and then back in.
  10. Rob Books

    Record format assigned to a symbol

    I never noticed it before, but then I have my workflow that is to attach the records in the symbol definition while I am working in there. but that is good to know. Now i can say that I learned something today. seems to work for attaching, but looks like you still need to go in to the definition to edit the values.
  11. Rob Books

    Record format assigned to a symbol

    to edit a record format, chose it in the RM, right click, choose Edit, then make your changes. those changes will go through all records that you have attached. if you change the default value, that would not change the placed instances or attached records unless they have the default value in them.
  12. Rob Books

    Record format assigned to a symbol

    you go into the symbol, either 2D or 3D, make sure no geometry is selected to attach and edit the record on the symbol level, and in the OIP go to the Data tab. attach the record you want then edit the fields for the record for that symbol. or if already attached to the symbol, click on the record and then edit the data you want to edit. exit out of the symbol and all instances that you place will have the data set you entered for the symbol. you can then edit instances in the OIP after they are placed. you can also edit multiple instances through the OIP, but they will all change to the new data, so you could change all sofas to 5 by selecting all instances of the symbol you want to change.
  13. Rob Books

    Record format assigned to a symbol

    the attached file has a record "Capacity" attached to each of the three symbols and each is set to the capaicty of the seating unit. so the Chair is 1, the love seat is 2, the couch is 3. each instance of those symbols will place with that capacity, but you can also change it in the OIP. and I set the default in the record to 1. Seating Capacity.vwx
  14. Rob Books

    Record format assigned to a symbol

    Yes, something like that is the perfect use of a record, and would not need to be that big, just a record with capacity as a field, probably set to generic number. that way you should be able to add the column in your report.


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