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  1. Rob Books

    Matthews C-Stand objects

    I will add it to the list of requests.
  2. Rob Books

    Corner Blocks & calculations connections

    At this time, we do not have the ability to connect at points other than the ends of truss pieces. until that is figured out, we will not be able to utilize the multipoint connecitons of Mod Truss. The engineers are aware of the desire for it, just need time to figure it all out.
  3. Rob Books

    Corner Blocks & calculations connections

    XSF has been getting us the geometry and cross section data, but they have been having an issue getting it from their source manufacturer. there will be more coming as we get the data.
  4. Rob Books

    Flip a wall along center line of core

    in the OIP, reverse sides when the wall you want to flip is active
  5. Rob Books

    Stage line CADs

    we did clean up the many nuts and bolts, and other extraneous things in the drawings that were sent to us and cleaned it up as best we could. but yes, much of it is the same DWG file you could download from the company website. and the SL100 for some reason is the heaviest of all the SL symbols.
  6. Rob Books

    Stage line CADs

    right click on the symbol, uncheck the convert to groups, then place the symbol.
  7. Rob Books

    Connected corners inversion down-up

    we also found this and have put in a bug for this. if you connect the straight to the corner it works as expected most of the time.
  8. Rob Books

    Light Info Record fields

    We set the records with the weight in the LIR is in lb, the LIRM is in Kg, we have some older fixtures with the Wattage in Kw, all the newer stuff is in W. The one thing you need to be careful of with numbers is that it is set to general, we had some issues with Dimension in a different record. I can't recall exactly why, but we set the fields to be text for a reason.
  9. Rob Books

    Manfrotto wind-up stands anyone?

    these were released to Service Select English with the January update.
  10. Rob Books

    Clay Paky Scenius symbols

    These are available in the VW libraries now. been there for a while.
  11. Rob Books


    it looks like top/plan can only be rendered in Wireframe. I guess you could overlay two viewports with classing of the things you want as 2D only in one and the other having the other items you want in FQRW or Hidden line. but then, I normally don't do too much with Viewports, so I may be wrong on overlaying two viewports working.
  12. Rob Books


    since the 2D is simpler, it would probably save a few miliseconds on the refresh. Not an engineer so not sure on how much of a save it is.
  13. Rob Books


    in 2019, when you go into 2D, there will be a floating bar. under show other, click 3D, and it will be there and be clickable, just can't edit it.
  14. Rob Books


    in 2017, go into the 3D edit of the symbol, go to the top/plan view. make sure you are in Screen Plane, and draw the 2D you want to be there. then exit the symbol. you will now have a Hybrid symbol. in 2019 there were some changes made, and you can turn on a ghost image of the 3D to draw over.
  15. Rob Books

    Creating Symbols with Drop Down Attributes

    also a Marionette scripting could probably be used to set the screw head you want when you place a symbol. Unfortunately, I have no idea on the way to make that happen, not my area of expertise.


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