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  1. when you created the GDTF it should have downloaded a version of the GDTF file to your computer. can you PM me that file? the text file is harder for me to follow than opening up the GDTF.
  2. it could also be a generic solid, so all the parts are one big geometry. if that is the case, I would use extruded shapes toe delete the parts not needed and save as a new symbol.
  3. there is one similar to that in the vectorworks libraries/Object styles/fireplace/fireplace.vwx
  4. XSF is building the files for us still, once we get them we will release them in the next Service Select release. They more than likely will not have Cross Section data, but will be insertable.
  5. the product lines we have available is what they sent us the cad files for. cross sectional data is hard coded into the software so can only be made available in releases or service packs. and we need the complete structural data from the manufacturer to create those.
  6. we need the data for the truss from the manufacturers, sometimes they are slow in getting us the data. if you reach out to them and let them know they need to make this line a priority hopefully they will get the data to us quicker.
  7. easiest would be to draw a rectangle with the actual dimensions for the lumber (remeber that a 2x4 is not 2"x4" when the end user gets them). then extrude the length you need.
  8. if you placed them with the Lighting Instrument tool, they are now Plug In objects, not symbols any more. that is why they don't go over as instances. only way to not have that happen is to make sure the symbol insertion tool is active when placing, but then they will not be lighting objects, and will be pointing straight down.
  9. Modes are created separately, they are not automatic. in vision make sure you have the most up to date library. HELP>Update Library. fi it is still not available, go to https://www.vectorworks.net/en-US/vision and request the fixture mode be made through the form just to the left of the free trial button.
  10. at this time it would be easier to create a copy of the symbol and edit it to have the clamps and correct the insertion point. adding them as an accessory really does not work well. unfortunately this means you can't have a count of the clamps unless you add it as a user note and then reference that in your paperwork.
  11. if you use the keep instance in place it will convert it to a symbol, which you don't need to insert and delete the group, but it won't replace multiple instances of the group as there is no way of knowing like in the Landmark instance in the help that you pointed to.
  12. highlight the group you want to convert, use the modify>create symbol to turn it into a symbol. make sure you check the keep instance in place when you make the symbol. this will not make all groups that are the same into a symbol, but you can then take that symbol you created and manually replace the group instances.
  13. there is residential outdoor lighting in the Landscape lighitng, admittedly I made this years ago. it takes about a year to create the Vehicles, so it is not practical for us to make each year's model as the new model would be out by the time it reaches the library. but I will add your requests to the list of things for future updates.
  14. Class Mapping should be available in Spotlight, you can use it to map classes in an existing file to new classes, but it will not change classes if you add symbols with those classes in. as to your deleted class issue, you can re-import the symbol in and then refresh instruments should fix it for you easily.
  15. once you place it in a drawing, it will not disappear. and Service Select content from March 2019-March 2020 Will be released in the libraries for 2021. we have done similar for previous years, Service Select gets first access, then it is moved to the next year's content.


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