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  1. There are 2D and 3D of instruments in Chairs located in the Resource Manager, Vectorworks libraries, Objects - Ent Stage, The three files you should look at are Drum Kits, Orchestra @D and Orchestra 3D. in the premium libraries we also have a new file of Guitars.
  2. may be late to the party on this for you, but ROE panels are available in the Objects - Ent Video folder in both Vectorworks Libraries and Premium Libraries. CB5 is in Vectorworks Libraries.
  3. in the Premium libraries we now have the KLA12 and the KLA 181.
  4. just finished setting these up, they need to be checked, should have them by friday.
  5. Service Select requests are only for Lighting Instruments at this time. other items that are requested are put in a separate que. But I am kept quite busy with the instrument requests.
  6. @alfeltsld I have confirmed that this is an issue, hopefully it will be a quick fix. the issue is with the default geometry and how it is set in Vision. if you make your own geometry for the GDTF, it would show. There is now a bug for this.
  7. Looks like you used the default geometry from the fixture builder, so not sure why it is not passing over, will dig a bit more into it. One thing I did notice in your DMX was that the pan and tilt are set to 0 deg start. It should really start at the midpoint so it can rotate CW and CCW. and default value should be set to 50% of the total value. You also want your dimmer to be able to be controlled by the master dimmer, so that needs to be set. Without a DMX chart the rest of it looked correct. Will let you know what I find about the geometry.
  8. can you get me your GDTF file? I can dig into it. geometry should pass over no problem.
  9. when you created the GDTF it should have downloaded a version of the GDTF file to your computer. can you PM me that file? the text file is harder for me to follow than opening up the GDTF.
  10. it could also be a generic solid, so all the parts are one big geometry. if that is the case, I would use extruded shapes toe delete the parts not needed and save as a new symbol.
  11. there is one similar to that in the vectorworks libraries/Object styles/fireplace/fireplace.vwx
  12. XSF is building the files for us still, once we get them we will release them in the next Service Select release. They more than likely will not have Cross Section data, but will be insertable.
  13. the product lines we have available is what they sent us the cad files for. cross sectional data is hard coded into the software so can only be made available in releases or service packs. and we need the complete structural data from the manufacturer to create those.
  14. we need the data for the truss from the manufacturers, sometimes they are slow in getting us the data. if you reach out to them and let them know they need to make this line a priority hopefully they will get the data to us quicker.
  15. easiest would be to draw a rectangle with the actual dimensions for the lumber (remeber that a 2x4 is not 2"x4" when the end user gets them). then extrude the length you need.
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