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  1. in the past couple of years we have added many video projectors to the libraries. in 2020, they are mostly located in the obj-Ent Video folder, except for Barco, which I forgot to move out of the Lighting Instruments Library. We have Epson, Panasonic, Barco. some are still in the Service Select libraries. I suggest using the Search function to see if a particular projector is available.
  2. At this point I would recommend contacting your local tech support. they can go more in-depth with you on this.
  3. Try going into the gear menu in the RM and click refresh libraries. I just had to do this myself.
  4. working on some requests for it, but not the full catalog yet.
  5. There are two icons that you should have active, the Vectorworks symbol that is the general libraries that everyone gets, and if you are on Service Select Program, you will have the Cloud icon. two separate libraries. make sure that they are highlighted at the top of your Resource Manager like the image attached. if not reach out to your distributor they can help you.
  6. the proxy files are what makes everything visible in the Resource manager, they hold the thumbnails that are shown. unless you are an institution, you no longer need to download the Package files for symbols, they are all available in the Resource Manager to download as needed. The other place to check for the files is in your user folder, also in the Libraries folder. if you click on Tools>Options> Vectorworks Preferences, you can find your user folder.
  7. if you are going to be using many of them, I would make a symbol with a polygon, map to it, and call it a day. going to be quicker.
  8. if you are in 2018 or newer, you no longer need to download all the content. it is available through the Resource Manager. to remove any libraries, go into the application folder and find the libraries folder. delete anythign you do not need there.
  9. everything should be in the resource manager make sure the file is highlighted in the list, and that you are set to see all resources. we do not place symbols on the design layer any more.
  10. when inputting the data in a custom section, you need all three Moments, X, Y, and Z. you only have Y and Z on this chart.
  11. Which Version of the Software are you in? it is in the Service Select Libraries for 2018 and 2019. before that it is not available.
  12. Requests for fixture modes should be requested through the vision request form located here: https://www.vectorworks.net/en-US/vision next to the free trial button
  13. there does seem to be a bug with the items being stripped from the rotated truss. they could reduce their file size if they converted those to extrudes. not sure why they are having all that as nested symbols of planar objects. As to the Lighting instruments, that will not work unless they are inserting them as symbols and not lighting objects. they will not work as lighting instruments. the general issue of things being stripped off is why any nested symbols are being stripped off. this is being looked into by the engineers.
  14. Can you attach a file of the truss? I think this might be due in part to the blowing away of anything that is planar when converting to a rotatable truss object.
  15. Sean, I was referring to the attached image. sometimes the top and bottom preference in the dropdown can cause issues with some graphics cards. might want to play with them and see which one works best for you. I keep mine on the highlighted one.


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