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  1. Rob Books

    Hollowing out hemisphere

    use two sweeps, one for the inside, one for the outside. then you can texture both sides. Just make sure there is no overlaping geometry.
  2. Rob Books

    Prolyte PRT is red

    yes, we tested it, and it seems to be the rotation that is causing the error. just want to see it in your file too. thanks,
  3. Rob Books

    Prolyte PRT is red

    can you send me a copy of that file? we can check what is going on in there. Thanks.
  4. Rob Books

    Cannot search Resource Manager

    Have you checked your search parameters? the arrow to the left of the search field.
  5. if you make the Horz active and set the hanging angle to 90, it will give you a vertical truss. it will duplicate the symbol and you will now have one with 2d and one without 2D.
  6. they are on our list of Truss manufacturers to work with, not sure when it will be released, we are still trying to get a contact at the manufacturer.
  7. Rob Books

    Instruments snapping to centre of truss

    the snapping connects the load to the hanging position. you can then move it to the position you want on the cord. Rob.
  8. Rob Books

    3D Models of children / kids

    depending on how many you put in your scene, you could get rendering lag from all the polys in the 3D figure, that is why we did the image props for the human figures.
  9. Rob Books

    Fixture request

    it autopopulated for me when I went to enter my name. I will talk to the Web folks and ask them to add the asterisk to it, or remove the requirement whichever is needed. Thanks, Rob.
  10. Rob Books

    Changing of laptop and licence conflict

    Contact your distributor or tech support directly and they should be able to help you out.
  11. Rob Books

    Fixture request

    I had no problems with it, the form submitted, checked for the ticket, and it was where it was supposed to be. we had problems a couple of weeks ago that the Web guys fixed.
  12. Rob Books

    Fixture request

    Just tested, seems to be working fine now. any of the requests sent through the Service select will be moved over.
  13. Rob Books

    Cant Place Resource Manager Items In Drawing

    Try right clicking on the symbol you want to place, click on symbol options, and then uncheck the use story box. see if that helps. most of the furnishings are set to use stories for ease of Architectural users. it should not make a difference, they should place regardless.
  14. Rob Books

    RGB Festoon

    if you leave the LB100 as a Lighting instrument, in the OIP, change the mode to be one of the generic spheres.
  15. Rob Books

    RGB Festoon

    adding modes and instruments to Vision is something not for the novice, or even the advanced. we do that for you in-house. but are a bit behind in adding some things, like the LB100 you can put in a request for the LB100 on the vision web page, near the top a is request button. fill out the form, and in the comments section, note that the geometry is in VW. I have a bug to add a mirror ball, right now there is really no way to do it in Vision. but with the changes that are being made, we may have it some time soon. Rob.


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