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  1. Rob Books

    Download Content

    with the Resource manager, you can now download the content as needed, no longer do you need to download it all at once. of course you do need to be connected to download.
  2. Rob Books


    Vectorworks libraries>Objects - Ent Event> event tents.vwx. There is an array of typical tents in there or you can look at how they were created to make one that fits your needs.
  3. Modes for fixtures are done by the vision staff, of one. we are trying to train the Spotlight content team, but there is a learning curve on it. if there is a particular mode that you need you can request it through vision, but do not request every mode, that makes mark grumpy.
  4. Rob Books

    GLP GT-1

    @Mark Eli I can see this fixture in the Vision list, any idea why he is not seeing it?
  5. Rob Books

    Spotlight Objects not rendering in Section View

    Are the lights on and at a level where they would be visible. Spotlight lighting objects work slightly different than regular lighting objects, they require either Designer or Spotlight license to work properly if I recall.
  6. Rob Books

    Looking for a Specseat Theatre Seat Modelled in 3d

    I will add expanding theater seats to the list of libraries. if you have any other specific companies, list them here and I will see if we can get them on board once we are done with the 2019 crazies for content right now.
  7. Rob Books

    GLP GT-1

    run the update in Vision, it should be available. you may have to manually change it in your drawing after you run the vision updater.
  8. Rob Books

    GLP GT-1 fixture library

    also, after you switch the library in, you will need to run the update on the resource manager to see items in it. click the gear icon and then refresh libraries. that should let you see the replaced file. I would talk to your distributor as to why you have fewer libraries in your resource manager service select libraries. I believe you use the same cloud database, so it should be the same list; do you get the update libraries when you start VW, and have you run it?
  9. Look online for low Poly count figures. You will still get a hit if you are trying to do a crowd for render time. 3D warehouse has some, but the Key is that they need to be low polygon.
  10. Rob Books

    to renew or not to renew (that is the question)

    When it comes to Architectural content, even if we get someone to say yes to even letting us create the content, it is difficult to get the needed data from them. At my first Spotlight Showcase, as I walked around trying to get manufacturers to let us develop content of their products, I often got a " Who are you?". Now, with some exceptions, when we approach a manufacturer in the Spotlight industries, they are more than happy to work with us. Some develop the content themselves and share it with us, others prefer to have us make it so they do not have to pay someone to make it. it all depends on the company. But then we also have a good footing in the Entertainment industry, and are one of the leading software for designers in those industries.
  11. Rob Books

    to renew or not to renew (that is the question)

    and to back off of Jim, when VW only did annual content, there were two of us creating it, and there was not as much. Now with the Service Select, we have 5 dedicated developers for the content. This means we are working through years of back wishes for content, and keeping things updated for content at a better pace, no longer having to wait Months for that new light fixture.
  12. Rob Books

    to renew or not to renew (that is the question)

    one advantage to the Service Select customers, not mentioned, is the content that is released throughout the year. Years ago we only had new content or content fixes with each release. Now it comes out every two months. There does need to be some changes to the RM so that the updates happen "behind the scenes", and I would also like to see only one library available if there is an update to an existing library so the user does not have to look in two places for things. But particularly for Spotlight users this is a big plus.
  13. Rob Books

    newbie fixture symbol question

    what symbols are you using? our symbols are drawn to the manufacturer specifications, and should not need to be scaled to use.
  14. Rob Books

    change insertion point for a symbol

    Unfortunately, there is no way to shift the geometry in the symbol and not have it affect any instances already placed.
  15. Rob Books


    Depending on the geometry and if we can do it with native objects in VW, we sometimes replace mesh geometry with solids type geometry. the HMI library at the time was impossible to recreate with the existing tools so it was left mesh, probably should put aside time to revisit it and see if we can simplify or get rid of that mesh now with the newer advances. Something we sometimes forget about here in Content land.