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  1. Unfortunately this is how VW spotlight works. it can not have more than one light source in a fixture. it si a wish of mine, and many others to have this changed.
  2. if there is a library that is missing cross sectional data, it is because the Manufacturer has not given it to us. Two of the big truss companies in the US have refused to give us the data. Christie Lites Truss was just released on Service Select. We have been working hard to get Tyler into the Libraries, just waiting on some weights and the cross section data from them. Other Truss Manufacturers are on board, we are awaiting their data. That being said, even without the cross section data, you can still use Braceworks to Check any of the truss libraries as they were set up as rigid systems till we get the data for the cross section. The nice thing is that the cross section data is released in Service packs, so no need to download the libraries again. All I can say is that it is not for lack of trying on our side to get this data. If your preferred truss does not have cross section data available, let your distributor know that you want it for Vectorworks Braceworks. the squeaky wheel gets traction.
  3. if you have a record attached to a symbol then that data will be there for each instance, and will be retained in the symbol itself in the Resource Manager. I use such scripts for libraries now. I just don't know enough about the coding to tell you how to do it. if you are looking for instance attachment of data, then I am not so sure on. But I think it can be done, as Door and Window data can be altered in worksheets, Lighting Instrument data can be exported and changed through Lightwrite, then re-imported. So it may depend on the what, and may not be layman easy, but it is possible.
  4. a script can be written to take data from a spreadsheet to record fields. I don't know how to do it, but there are many here who can help you with it.
  5. it should have shipped with that textured. our miss.
  6. No texture on the Lens Object. I will put in a bug for it. but that is the problem.
  7. I understand, there are some old libraries we have that are HUGE Mesh monsters, take a look at the Furnishings and Scenic Elements. it is one of those things that I would love to revisit and clean up further to make it smaller sized, but never enough time to make new content, fix bugs, and clean up a file that is probably not used and never will be.
  8. Thanks. we just did a bit of testing, and it looks like it is not only that library. we are putting in a bug for it. hopefully it is a quick fix.
  9. depending on the symbol, they can be heavy mesh, specially the Herman Miller stuff. if you are not doing closeups, if it is a mesh, you might want to consider using the Modify>simplify Mesh Command. it cuts down on the number of polygons, which will make it faster.
  10. with the Resource manager you can drag and drop items. does that work with the new folder?
  11. Make sure to do a refresh libraries from the Gear icon at the top of the resource Manager.
  12. I am guessing you mean the connection angle and not the facing angle. since that really does not need the 2D, I would suggest deleting it, unless you are using the symbol for something else.
  13. for a 4 sided connect cube, after you place the symbol initially, you should get the braceworks dialog. make sure you change over to corner tab, and then change type to X. this will have you place the lengths for all four sides. the diagram that is there helps you figure out where you need to measure to. once the Braceworks data is set once you will not need to do it again, it associates to the symbol. Now the cross section for that truss you will need to create as we don't have that. you will need the structural engineering report for the truss type to get the data needed. if you are not doing calculations on your truss, then you don't need to worry about it.
  14. I could have sworn we had one, but can't find it now. easiest way to make one would be to get a side view and make a sweep from the profile.
  15. The Fixture Modes will update the number of channels in the placed symbol, but otherwise don't do much for Spotlight. They are mainly used when the symbol is exported to Vision, that is why they come from Vision. They are not attached to our symbols, other than by the Fixture ID auto-populating the Mode field in the OIP. For that to happen you just need to put the data needed in the Fixture ID field of the Light Info Record.