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  1. Could draw an arc by points over the area and then the information will be in the Object Info Pallet. and if it is not what you want, you can change it there to what you need and then adjust your panels to it.
  2. "Particles - Generic SFX" is the library it is in.
  3. check Vectorworks Preferences, Display tab, display light objects. sounds like it might be sent to never.
  4. Check that you have the parts record attached and properly set to the part, and that there is only one Loci in the symbol. VW does not know what to do when it has more than one Loci in a lighting instrument and you rotate it or associate it with a Focus point.
  5. We can reach out to them again for an update and check on it.
  6. When you place a lighting instrument in VW, you need to set the Fixture mode for when you export to Vision (we have automated this somewhat). This matches up to a different geometry and data file in Vision. this is what gives the geometry in Vision and tells your board what the channels control. I think @Mark Elihas placed similar geometry in the Vision symbols, but I am not 100% sure that all their symbols have that geometry. and some of the geometry in Vision predates him. Does that make sense? I am pushing for a future version to have the ability to bring in our light geometry and the necessary structures, but that is still probably several years away.
  7. Dulux is in there, it is three years old. I will put in a note to look at updating all these color lines and see if we can get the ones we do not have yet. Sometimes it is hard for us to get the data from paint companies. we have been trying for several years to get one us Manufacturer, and every time we get someone to agree, they disappear.
  8. All Moving Lights and LED fixtures, other than conventional style LED, will have tail locations in separate 2D and 3D classes with the release of VW2018. But this is just for the VW content, At this time the geometry for fixtures does not go over to Vision, that geometry is set separately. But I believe that Vision Geometry should have that included.
  9. Robe has it on their website, we should have it out soon on Service Select. Rob.
  10. BTW, I just double checked, and This will be coming out on Service Select with the next release of Content there. Probably some time in September.
  11. Best to use the Fixture Request Form for vision. VW content is released to Service Select about every two months; and we don't release individual fixtures through there. If you are not on Service Select, it would not be till next Version. I would like to change that, but need some more developers creating content for that to happen.
  12. There are some things that are available as symbols that have no effect in the drawing other than showing where they exist spatially, and for paperwork. Foggers/hazers, Fire, fans - all jsut there for layout purposes.
  13. You should be able to put them in there, just need to run the refresh libraries in the RM to see them. Rob.
  14. are you trying to have it move within the scene over time, or just adjust it to a better fit?
  15. @SamIWasthen you will need to do as Brendan suggested above, also if you have no information in the Inst Type field, it should go to None.