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  1. you will need to create a texture for where you want the reflection to be. There are some premade textures included with Vectorworks. In the Object Info Pallet the Render tab, with the object you want the reflection to occur on selected, choose a texture or make a new one. I would suggest starting with an existing one and modify it if you need to. Textures are easy to create, but a lifetime to master the nuances of each setting. Rob.
  2. Once you have the window or door configured the way you want it to be, convert it to a symbol, make it a group symbol in the options, and they you can place it wherever you need it.
  3. If you email me the specific instruments you will need I will try to expedite them for you. Rob.
  4. That would be me. I have an update on the list, but have fallen behind because of other critical things. Rob.
  5. Make sure that the carpet texture has cast shadow checked, I know in VW that not having that checked will allow light to pass through it.
  6. We have not made those yet in VW format. they do have dwg format on their website, but you will need to add the LIR to make them work in VW.
  7. A few years ago I began adding geometry and attaching the Parts Record with lens to it, it was hoped that we could internally default to doing lens flare or glow type effects with that but it has not come to pass on the programming side. It has allowed users to have the geometry there to do it on their own at least. maybe someday... Rob.
  8. Short answer: Renderworks can not handle more than one source for a light emission. Vision does have some freedom to do multiple sources, but Vision symbols need to be created a very specific way and have additional data files to work, not something the general user will be able to do. heck, I still have trouble with making them. I am hoping some day we will be able to make multiple source fixures in Vectorworks that will work in Renderworks. You could create a multi-circuit light fixture, but those are tricky and don't work correctly half the time, even the ones we have created in VW content are buggy and prone to frustrate more than sooth the problem. Rob.
  9. under the spotlight menu, visualization, Export to Vision (should be at the bottom). If you have brought in a workspace from a previous version, you may need to add it. but it is in the default Spotlight workspace.
  10. Soem of the Vision Items have been moved to the Object Info pallet, you will need to select fixtures for that part. other items have been moved to the Spotlight Menu, Visualization group. there is also a vision specific section of the forum where you might get answers quicker than the general troubleshooting. Rob.
  11. I agree, and did give it a vote. the problem currently is that you need the texture to have the lights that are on work, but you can't change the texture because then you don't have lights to test if they are hitting something or not. bad catch 22.
  12. The problem is that the texture we apply that allows the light to come out of the geometry would not let the light pass out of the fixture then. worst of both worlds.
  13. If I recall Correctly, at this time Renderworks does not have a way of creating this effect. I am pretty sure you can do it in Vision though. Rob.
  14. that I am not sure on. maybe @Dave Donley Can help on that front.
  15. For menu commands I use often, I have created keyboard shortcuts. best way that I have found to simplify my life. Rob.