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  1. Rob Books

    Light shining through objects

    In open GL options there is a use shadows, and another check box for ground only. Also a level of shadow checkbox. check that out.
  2. saw that when it first came out. so excited to see the new TARDIS coming this fall.
  3. Rob Books

    Need glazing to be clear and it shows up opaque

    check your open GL options to see if use texture is on. it is at the bottom of the render dropdown.
  4. Rob Books

    Broken Moving Lights

    could you post a file showing all your issues so Tech Support and the engineers can dig into your file and see if there are issues with your file or it is a bigger issue. Thanks.
  5. Rob Books

    Finding Symbols

    Should be able to add the files in as favorites. click on the gear symbol in the RM, then use the add favorites.
  6. Rob Books

    Bicycle Entourage

    Added to the content wishlist of things to work on.
  7. Rob Books

    Bicycle Entourage

    bicycles or motorcycles?
  8. Rob Books

    Bring Back Teaser Tuesdays!

    Not Tuesday yet...
  9. Rob Books

    All lighting fixtures are black

    since 99.9% of fixtures on the market are black in color, the VW content is created that way too. we don't put all the fins and sweeping corners on the fixtures as this creates more surfaces to render and when you start having huge number of fixtures in a drawing, can severely affect rendering time. The VW libraries also ship with a silver and White default instrument texture that you can swap out if you want a silver or White instrument. you will need to go into the symbol 3D and change it from the default(Black) to what you want. What I am really curious on is why you think they need to be a different color?
  10. Rob Books

    Basic Band Setup

    We have many of the Instruments already in the libraries - the hard part has been human figures playing said instruments.
  11. Rob Books

    Basic Band Setup

    the biggest problem with most human figures that are available out there, is it is the rule of two... you can have them look realistic, have low polygon counts, or Render cleanly. most of the ones we have looked at sometimes only have one of the three. this has been on the content plate since the human figure tool was made legacy. hopefully soon we can get some things together and have better Band/Orchestra figures. I was looking at a bug and it has been on my list since 2011.
  12. Rob Books

    Custom Truss /Hanging Positions

    Yes. once it has been coverted to a hanging position you need to go into it to change it. I am not exactly sure. @BrandonSPP can you go into this part of it all?
  13. Rob Books

    Custom Truss /Hanging Positions

    once you turned it into a hanging position, you need to double click into it like you do with a group to edit it and add to it. you can't add to a hanging position.
  14. Rob Books

    Custom Truss /Hanging Positions

    I had no problem with the top i beam, but had to click into the bottom one which has been changed to a hang position to add more ibeam to it.