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  1. Are you talking about the libraries of truss that are provided? those are built to the manufacturer drawings and dimensions. unless you need to put in a dimension line, you can turn on the Rigging-Truss-Label Class and in 2D view you will have a label that specs the truss and size.
  2. the 14 degree is in the libraries. it looks like the Protron Eclypse is not even available yet from the manufacturer, so no data avaliable to create a symbol from. the two Chauvet can be made, but unless you are a Service Select member won't have access to them till the next release.
  3. draw all the 3D outside of a symbol case, then create the symbol. go into 2D, set view, have 3D on, and then draw 2D as needed. I used to do the 2D in the 3D and then move as needed to get it to the right location for the end symbol.
  4. If you go into the Edit 2D, you can set the 3D to show, and go to any view to check dimensions, or other temporary things. This was a big change to our workflow here in content land, and when we asked about it, were told this is a WAD.
  5. Rob Books

    Musical Symbols

    Our area is not big enough to have storage for all the things we model. not to mention, that sometimes it is weeks or months before we get freed up to work on a particular library, or we work on it as a change from working on something else so it is over months to get it all together. it is easier to work off the cut sheets as those can be stored on a computer. We also expect that the manufacturer would have accurate drawings of their products. that is actually the original drum kit that is in the Previous Drum Library folder.
  6. Rob Books

    Musical Symbols

    And hence why we gave everyone not just the set-ups but also all the individual parts so that drummers could set up just how they like it, but also in the preliminary state, a general kit could be placed for the impression of the kit on the stage. I have tried not to limit the user when the Spotlight content team makes something that has multiple layout options.
  7. Rob Books

    Musical Symbols

    Pearl and Mair Drums
  8. Rob Books

    Class Visibility in Thumbnail Renders

    we put in a bug for this and were told it is WAD, all classes in a symbol will show visible in OpenGL or Hidden line.it is glaringly obvious with the truss symbols and even the content team does not like this. I put this in as a enhancement request.
  9. Rob Books

    Musical Symbols

    we duplicated those layouts directly from a drum company website. also, all the parts are individual symbols so you can lay out any drum setup you want.
  10. the trim height of the fixture will not make a difference if your focus points are at different heights, as that is what determines the radius at the end of the beam. think of it as an infinite cone, that is then cut a distance x from the tip of the cone. The larger x is, the bigger the radius will be at that cut plane. in your drawing, you have one cone ending roughly 16' from the tip, and the other roughly 80' from the tip. the angle of the sides of the cone remains the same, but you get a larger end radius on the 80' than you will on the 16'. if you look from the left view from your first example, the cones all match up, just getting farther from the tip. in the image I attached, they all have the same radius because they all end the same distance from the tip of that cone. other than changing the heights of the focus points to be the same, I didn't change anything else from your drawing. all the fixtures are still at the same trim height. hope that makes sense and clears it up a bit on why the circles are bigger..
  11. the focus points are gradually higher as you go to the right. the radius will get bigger at the fall off the further away you are. the beam angles are still consistent. the fixtures from them have a overall larger radius because their filed angle is larger than the one I found online when those were made. when you set all the focus points to the same height, you get the below.
  12. Rob Books

    Astera Fixtures

    Astera fixtures are up on the Service Select portal for the November-December User requests.
  13. try the one available in our libraries and see if it has the same issues. Rob.
  14. Rob Books

    K-array Portable Speaker Systems

    have never had a request for them come across. I have added them to the list, not sure when we will get it going. Rob.
  15. Rob Books

    Quick Sofa Layout

    we have been working on setting up various layout symbols of various furniture systems and other grouping of things that work well together, like patio layouts. they are in the Service Select libraries.


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