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  1. I am going to guess that you are using .IES file lights. This has been an issue of mine for years. File a bug on it, if you have not already.
  2. since Classes are by file, not by user, I doubt you could re-map and not have it stay with the document. it would overwrite the classes currently in the document.
  3. Though they do not have human figures, there is a library that has chairs with various instruments on them. I tried to make the typical ones for both full Orchestra and also Rock band. They are in Objects-Ent Stage.
  4. People use other software than Spotlight to design Their light plots in? NEVER! ;-) I feel that the structure I came up with, would fit well globally and across any platform that is a full CAD product (don't know enough on Sketchup to understand it's use of layers/Classes/whatever it would be called). but them I am partial to it.
  5. Yes, it seems they thought it might not be necessary for Spotlight. we have put in a bug report to get it added, so hopefully it will be added sooner than later to the Spotlight workspace. on a separate note, I have been giving thought to the classing of the 3D objects and other than the Inputs, I may be removing the classing for 2019 on the 3D geometry. I say may because it depends on if the Higher-ups will let me take the time to do it. it is easy, but will take some time with all the files we have.
  6. I will agree with you that we should not have separate locations for Subscription libraries and for Vectorworks libraries. At least for Spotlight, there could be an updated library in the Subscriptions and a non-updated library in Vectorworks libraries. If a user looks in one but not the other, they could miss some new content that they are looking for. As to the Defaults section; that is actually content that is generally part of a tool or feature, not general content like the Objects folders. As to the Arroway files, or other manufacturer content in general; sometimes our agreement with them requires us to present the products in a particular way. If you go to the Arroway website, you would see that each of our files for them corresponds to a library of their textures. I will agree that sometimes their layout is not logical, but we are stuck with their layout. Some layout of content we can fix, other bits our hands are tied on. But we in the content department are always trying to make sure that the users can find our content, and sometimes we have to have long discussions with the engineers on why a particular layout will not really work (Spotlight Instruments in Object Styles last year, anyone?)
  7. Braceworks will not work with Vertical Truss. you can put it in, attach it, but it will not calculate the structural loads, etc. on Vertical truss. Because of this, none of the Vertical libraries are set up with the Braceworks connections. However, because of the fact that they have a Truss Record attached, Braceworks will add the connection points and they will be wrong. if you want to have the Braceworks connection capability, use the horizontal truss but set the angle to 90 in the tool. This type of calculation may be available in the future, but it is much more complicated than hanging truss.
  8. one of the things we discussed at the Design summit Classing panel was that we should not wait for any of the bodies to get out of the stone age and come up with a classing list, rather Spotlight users should join behind a standard and teach that to their students so that it becomes the standard that is then pushed to be adopted by USITT and the others. I know that the shipping class standard is not perfect, but it is a great starting point for users to branch out from and expand or contract as needed for their personal preferences.
  9. also, remember that if there is ANYTHING named B-R, it will not use them. naming is not restricted to each item, but in the entire drawing. so if you have layers, classes, or symbols with a name B, it will not be allowed to be a FP name.
  10. We are working with them to make VW symbols of their stages. still in the development stage. Hopefully later this year or early next year we will have some out. Know it does not help you now. Rob.
  11. Seems that the 3D is miss classed, if you edit and change it to the 3D input class it should be fine. we will fix it here, but may be a while till it gets out to the users.
  12. turning off the Input classes is supposed to turn them off, if you are not seeing this could you upload a file to check please.
  13. in your user folder, there is a Libraries folder with all the structure set up in it. add your files there, then run the refresh from the gear in the RM. also make sure that the view is set active for the user libraries/work group libraries.
  14. I will bring this forward, but I can tell you that the excell file for just the spotlight lighting libraries alone would have close to 3000 entries for each individual symbol, and one Gobo library can be at least that many symbols. you are talking between 50K and 100K at least of symbols and resources that we have available. Spotlight resources are never removed, some Architectural stuff is removed when the manufacturer removes it from their catalog and we are updating their items.
  15. As long as it is a lighting Device at the top of the OIP, you should be able to change the Fixture mode through it's dropdown. for 2017, the Inst Type field will auto-populate the Fixture mode if it finds the Instrument in Vision. If it is not found then it lists none, but still should allow you to change it with the dropdown.