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  1. XFS has reached out to us about being in Vectorworks, but have not heard back from them recently. I will ping them again to see where they are in the data collection front. Of course, even once we get the geometry and data, there is only Justin and I to do the work, so have to schedule it into our work list. but we try to crank the content out as efficiently as possible with maintaining our standards for content. Rob.
  2. What manufacturers are you looking for? Tomacat and J. Thomas are still not giving us the data we need to create the cross sections. if you are using them, let them know that you are Vectorworks Braceworks User and really wish they would give us the needed information. the more squeaky wheels they hear from, the more pressure they have from their customers to help us out with the data. We have several new manufacturers and updates to existing manufacturers coming out in the new year for our Service Select Customers before they become available in the program libraries. We have Christie Lites and Tyler Truss coming out as new product lines, and an update to the GLP Cosmic/Global truss will be coming. We are also in the process of getting more truss companies on board not only for Vectorworks, but also for Braceworks as the word gets out there that you, the users, are wanting their truss in the software.
  3. Home button was added in 2018. PROMOTIONAL VIDEO
  4. Rex, not sure what version of Vectorworks you are using. when we were prepping the Christie Lites truss for 2018 to use with braceworks, we had to do some cleanup. also, if you are using Braceworks in 2018, the truss symbols on their website are not set for Braceworks use, you will get a dialog when you place it with the truss tools. We will be releasing the Christie Lites truss hopefully in January to Service Select customers.
  5. turn off the Rigging-Truss-Simplified class. then you will have the detailed truss.
  6. VW2015 is not verified for use with High Sierra, and no patch will be coming out to make it. you're best bet is to revert back to your previous OS if you will not be upgrading.
  7. you would need to first take your picture and make a texture of it. then you make a extrude the size you want your poster to be and apply the texture to it. you may need to mess around with the scaling to get the two to match up.
  8. Scott, If you do talk to anyone you might know still there, steer them my way, I can work with them on VW content.
  9. At this time, Braceworks only connects at existing connection points for the truss, so ends and corner points.
  10. because of the way that tool works, also make sure to file a bug on this if you have not done so already. Thanks.
  11. They have been in our shipped libraries for years. one of the first things I worked on ten years ago when I started here. Currently, v2017 and v2018 they are in the Object Styles section of the resource Manager. for older versions, you will either need to take them off the disk or download through the package manager. and we will be expanding the catalogs.
  12. could also do it with a sweep with a pitch set as the height you need to adjsut. might need to play with the center loci and the pitch to get it right. They rotate 90 degrees to be on the floor like in the pictures.
  13. in 2017 the Lighting Instruments libraries were move to: Object Styles>Lighting Instrument; and Lighting Accessories are right there with them. There was a long discussion on this being a bad idea last year, so should you upgrade to 2018, they are back to being a top level folder. you can also access the libraries directly from the tools through the drop down in the tool ribbon.
  14. Right click on the resource you want to copy, and choose the duplicate potion in the drop down. change the name to Stage, and then edit that as you need to.
  15. you could duplicate a hoist symbol in the Resource Manager, and edit the data to what you need it to be for the report, and the geometry for what you want it to look like.