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  1. Rob Books

    Not finding the correct Fixture Modes

    Fixture requests are put on the Service select portal each Friday if there are any for that week. they are then moved to the library files when we run a service select update which is approximately every other month. one just went out at the end of July.
  2. Rob Books

    Human Figures?

    there are several image prop Human figures in the libraries, they are in the Service Select libraries under Miscellaneous_Entourage>Entourage People. Image props will take less render time, and these images were made from 3D figures that were posed. Rob.
  3. Rob Books

    Folding Seating Bank

    not that I can probably get them done in time for you, but if you can get me the manufacturer we can see about adding their seats as symbols. I have wanted to expand our types of seating for a while now and need to know what seats folks are using. Rob.
  4. Rob Books

    Origin (centre point) for plant symbols

    there is an option when creating a symbol to either have the insertion point as the next mouse click or the center of the objects being turned into a symbol. if you only have the circle, and it is 2D, i would make sure it is set to center of the objects. just make sure that exactly what you want in that symbol is selected when you go convert to symbol. that should help with your random placement issues.
  5. Unfortunately, I don't. but the set 3D rotation does address it a bit. it is not pretty as it rotates around the insertion point, but it is a start I guess.
  6. if you want, at the bottom of the OIP there is a "Set 3D orientation. if you set your Vertical to 30 and the horizontal to 0, it should work. nowt sure if you can adjust it across multiple fixtures but something to try and would make it quicker. to tilt upstage it is the X axis.
  7. you could go into the symbol and set them all to 30degrees in the 3D part. that way they are all at 30 deg, and will put light on your screen. you just won't be able to turn on draw beam.
  8. Rob Books

    What are these folders & contents?

    those are for the resource manager and hold Default Content and Vectorworks Library files. if you delete them they will be replaced and hold up the startup next time you open VW. so I would not delete them.
  9. Rob Books

    Floor mounted lights

    don't break up groups, you can go into them and delete things like the clamps, but the groups have a parts record attached to them. this is what spotlight uses to know how to rotate things. also there can only be one loci in the symbol or explosions will occur as well. also, depending on what else you have in your drawing, you can turn off the accessory class and the clamps will go away, but also any other accessories you have will be gone as well.
  10. Rob Books

    Floor mounted lights

    if you put back the original symbol, and in the OIP rotate the symbol 180, it will be floor mounted and will not blow up like that. just from your image I can tell that you either added loci or messed up the parts record so that the program does not know what part is what.
  11. Rob Books

    Raked Hanging Position Truss

    with over 5000 fixtures now in the libraries, that would triple the number of fixtures, and probably grind the RM to a halt when going through them all. Not to mention on our end to remember to change all different versions if a fix is needed. This is why I pushed years ago to get rid of the Imperial/Metric versions that we kept as separate libraries.
  12. Modes are part of the conversion from Spotlight to Vision. If the files are not set up correctly, your files would crash. I have been working with the Vision folks for several years, and I still can not set up the necessary file for Vision modes more than half the time. with GDTF coming, that will change, but until that is Implemented, creation of the required mode files is not something the average user would have the skills to do correctly. This is not as simple as the fixture builders that are out there for some other visualizers. I know that now that the vision modes are fully integrated with Spotlight, more Spotlight folks who do not use Vision are starting to use them, but they are not really meant for just Spotlight, but for the sending of your file to Vision. If you have None selected in the Mode, you should be able to change the number of Channels. if that is not possible, then that is a bug.
  13. Rob Books

    Theater Flat Tool

    Cool tool! A few years ago I added Typical flat wall styles for the Wall tool. they are still in there and though it does not break up the flat wall the way this tool does, gives you at least a good 2D representation.
  14. I agree. A workaround if you have a designer license, add it to your workspace. it is in the tools list under Objects.
  15. the modes list comes from Vision, and Users do not have access to that database.


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