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  1. I tried this in both 2019 and 2020 and did not get that result. any chance you could post a file with your versions of the symbols? maybe there is something wrong with them?
  2. what are your snapping pallet settings? Everything else looks the same as my setup.
  3. the straight truss is available in the Service Select libraries. But corners are not available at this time.
  4. some manufacturer photometric charts only have min/max, others I have seen have min/mid/max. I hope someday that we would be able to have the min/max in the data and then set your zoom with a slider. but there are other things that need to be addressed before something like this.
  5. you would need to patch the instruments for the console to know where they are. also make sure you have chosen a Mode for them.
  6. there are very few GDTF files available, and mostly just Robe fixtures. if your Update library is hanging, then it is up to date, or thinks it is at least.
  7. the color pallets are XML files that need to be in a specific format for VW to read them. it is not something you can pull off a website.
  8. it should be available in your color pallet for VW2018 and newer at least, I don't have 2017 on my computer but found that color in 18, 19 and 20.
  9. we now have Manfrotto stands in the Libraries, other items, not so much. still plugging away.
  10. if you are talking about the 2D loci in the Lighting instruments, that is for Braceworks connection points. it is not part of the cable tool. you can turn off Braceworks - Point load and they will be gone. Can't delete it right now unfortunately.
  11. the engineers are working on getting GDTF working in Vision, once that is implemented, there will be more avenues for Modes to be created. users can create their own GDTF files, others in content will be able to make GDTF's as we build fixtures. right now the way the modes are created for Vision are quite complicated and not intuitive, GDTF has a GUI and is much more user friendly. still not quick and easy, but easier than what Mark has to do now.
  12. symbols and fixture modes are not always worked on concurrently, so while there may be a fixture request released for spotlight, it may take a bit more time for the Vision mode(s) to be completed.
  13. @Mark Eli handles the Vision side, not sure if he releases weekly like the Service Select Requests in Spotlight are released.
  14. for Vision, put in a request through the Vision page form. Right now, unfortunately, the two are done by completely different folks on staff here.
  15. Support will remove the watermark from a particular number of student files, not sure on the number. reach out to them to have this done. Note: this is only when converting from Student2Pro, not between student versions.


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