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  1. Rob Books

    Raked Hanging Position Truss

    with over 5000 fixtures now in the libraries, that would triple the number of fixtures, and probably grind the RM to a halt when going through them all. Not to mention on our end to remember to change all different versions if a fix is needed. This is why I pushed years ago to get rid of the Imperial/Metric versions that we kept as separate libraries.
  2. Modes are part of the conversion from Spotlight to Vision. If the files are not set up correctly, your files would crash. I have been working with the Vision folks for several years, and I still can not set up the necessary file for Vision modes more than half the time. with GDTF coming, that will change, but until that is Implemented, creation of the required mode files is not something the average user would have the skills to do correctly. This is not as simple as the fixture builders that are out there for some other visualizers. I know that now that the vision modes are fully integrated with Spotlight, more Spotlight folks who do not use Vision are starting to use them, but they are not really meant for just Spotlight, but for the sending of your file to Vision. If you have None selected in the Mode, you should be able to change the number of Channels. if that is not possible, then that is a bug.
  3. Rob Books

    Theater Flat Tool

    Cool tool! A few years ago I added Typical flat wall styles for the Wall tool. they are still in there and though it does not break up the flat wall the way this tool does, gives you at least a good 2D representation.
  4. I agree. A workaround if you have a designer license, add it to your workspace. it is in the tools list under Objects.
  5. the modes list comes from Vision, and Users do not have access to that database.
  6. Rob Books

    Matthews C-Stand objects

    Before Braceworks, we really didn't deal with too much truss. now, we are getting more and more truss coming onboard. That being said, Truss is a very intensive library to make up. we often have lots of cleanup of the manufacturer files, then adding on the Braceworks data takes a good amount of time. I can see about the Manfrotto Avenger C and getting that out with the next Service Select release. Rob.
  7. Rob Books

    Variable and Fixed Angle Truss F34 0-25Deg

    best way to do this is to draw two lines perpendicular to the connecting ends. where they meet, from the insertion point is L1. L2 is from the insertion point to the center of the other connecting side vertically, and L3 is from the insertion point to the connecting side horizontally.
  8. Rob Books

    Matthews C-Stand objects

    they are on the list, that does not mean we are working on them. before we work on a library, we go to the manufacturer for permissions, sometimes this is a quick process, sometimes it takes months or even years. I talked to one manufacturer at a trade show four years ago who said they were interested in adding to VW, since then they will not return my emails or calls so that library is yet to be touched.
  9. if all the fixtures of that type you are putting in the drawing will have the same number of channels, click edit 2D (or 3D) on the symbol in the resource manager. make sure nothing is selected and go to the Data tab. click on the Light Info record. change the number in the Channels field. exit out of the symbol and you should be good to go on all symbols.
  10. Rob Books

    Looking for Grand MA3 symbols

    they are in the Service Select libraries.
  11. Rob Books

    lost a good amount of my spotlight resources 2018

    would it be possible to post at least a partial file of the problem, that way we can see the file itself and get some thoughts on it.
  12. Rob Books

    David Bracher

    check that your classes and layers are not set to Grey and active only. that sounds like it might be the problem.
  13. Rob Books

    Fixture Mode

    No. These are provided through the vision data. GDTF would allow that but right now it is not fully supported, so not really possible to make modes. You can, however, adjust the channel information for the fixture, on a case by case basis. not as easy as the mode drop down, but gets the data you need in the drawing.
  14. Rob Books

    Web Link Tool...?!

    Kinda like the Hyperlink Tool? http://app-help.vectorworks.net/2019/eng/index.htm#t=VW2019_Guide%2FText%2FCreating_Hyperlinks.htm&rhsearch=Hyperlink Tool&rhhlterm=Hyperlink Tool&rhsyns=
  15. Rob Books

    Truss Grapples

    not at this time.


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