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  1. Insert Truss problems

    one other note on Spigoted truss, if you start goign left to right and then switch to right to left from the first truss, you will get two of the same ends trying to join. (M-M, F-F) this is a known bug and I am not sure when the fix will be.
  2. Insert Truss problems

    This is an issue between how the truss was originally laid out and how Braceworks handles it. We will be fixing it for the next release, until then it is a bit of a pain, but here is how to fix it. 1 Go into the 3D gemoetry and move it so that the center of the spigot holes are aligned with the Insertion point, but keep the Insertion point centered on the truss.There may even be a 3D loci at that point. then exit out of the geometry. Note, when you do this make sure that the Simplified class is on or you will get weird bounding boxes. Grab the measurement between the center points of the spigot joins and note it. 2 Do the same thing for the 2D geometry or you will have misaligned symbols in plan and iso views. 3 take one piece of the truss and insert it in the document. in the OIP Shape tab, you will see a section towards the bottom called Actions. Click on the Customize button. in the resulting dialog, Change the length to the correct length between spigot connection points. Do this for all the truss you will be using. If you need corners, let me know they are even harder to set up, but not impossible.
  3. In order to have a real sub-class classing would need to be restructured. you would want a Parent-Child type or relation, where the child can inherit any/all of the parent class attributes, which can then be altered as needed in the child. We had a bit of discussion on this last year the the Design Summit, mainly dealing with Spotlight, but it would spill over to all aspects of Classing if we could get momentum going in it.
  4. I just tried it in 2018 and a right click duplicate on a symbol with a number at the end just added a class with the number increased by 1. if I did it with a class without a number at the end, it created a nested class of the previous class name-2, causing a new level of classing. There was another Thread on classes where I mentioned that I put in a innovation on doing similar things in classing where there would be a more classical approach of Parent-Child Class system.
  5. Adding Libraries

    Yes. I will PM you my contact info for them.
  6. vectorworks help bug

  7. LED Screen with Different Module Sizes

    What company is the panel from? we just added a few new companies to the Service Select content.
  8. Adding Libraries

    Adding your own library of truss for something that is not available is easy. Make the truss geometry, turn the geometry into a symbol, add the Truss Record to the symbol, enter the data. save the file and put it in the Objects - Ent Truss folder in your user directory of libraries. Now the Braceworks data is a bit more difficult. you need to ensure that you have received data from the manufacturer that includes Moment of Inertia for the truss. Load calc tables that are on most websites do not have that information, and it is VERY difficult to calculate from those tables. but if you place the symbol in your drawing, it will bring up the Braceworks data entry popup. you would need to enter the data as a custom cross section. most of the other data would come from the Truss Record. now one other problem, custom cross sections if I recall correctly do not transfer between documents, so you would need to enter it in any new jobs you use that truss for; unless you keep the custom truss in a template file. and though Straight and Curved truss are easy to set up for Braceworks, some corner blocks require care and a bit of experience to set up. We have added Christie lites and Tyler Truss to our Service select libraries, and have some more companies in the works. if you can't find what you are looking for in our libraries, let me know and I can see if we are working with them to get something out. since the release of Braceworks we have had several truss companies come to us to be added to the libraries. It take time though to develop them.
  9. Symbol: VER Revolution Blade HD

    I unfortunately don't have time at the moment, but if you go here: https://www.ver.com/product/revolution-blade-hd-led-strip-l-0-9m-3/ and download the PDF, on page two it had dimentional views that you can use to make a rough symbol out of. VER just got bought out by PRG, so not sure how much longer they may be around as VER.
  10. Hoist self weight

    you would go into the "Chain Hoist Folder>CM Loadstar" and change the 1/2 ton in there.
  11. Vision objects in Spotlight

    Which items are you talking about? Human figures? Truss? something else? we are looking at adding the human figures into VW, as they will be easier to move and place there.
  12. Truss Corner blocks with a vertical leg

    the vertical ones we provide all are "pointed" to the right with the insertion point center left on the straight side. with that knowledge, they can be inserted and rotated as needed from the start. you just need to dismiss the Braceworks dialog that pops up when inserting them.
  13. followspot operator symbols?

    There are some 2D Human outlines in the Entourage section of content, you can also search on man or woman. nothign specific for Entertainment, but at least gives you something.
  14. Truss Corner blocks with a vertical leg

    not a quick solution, but if you look at the truss in Wireframe, there are 3D loci at connection points, you can connect them there, and then you will probably have to rotate to the correct orientation for the three legs to align. I have brought this up as an issue with the Engineers because right now in Braceworks you can connect a point up and a point down 3 leg truss. I do not know where they are in an implementation to address that though. but it should be a universal fix for any orientation of truss.
  15. We will take a look at existing vehicles and see if we can update those that are really out of date. Probably won't be available till 2019, as we get one batch every year or so. we developed the Entourage vehicles more to populate drawings than for analysis. we could see about adding in some type of record for sweep path curves.


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