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  1. This was discussed here, at least similar effect they are working on.
  2. this is in our libraries as Chauvet Ovation P-56. it is in the Chauvet Professional file.
  3. these are classes that are used to make the Instrument, not the class it is on. they should begin with Lighting-
  4. they are the connections for the fixture.
  5. in the vectorworks help, if you scroll down after launching it, in the main window there is a sort of step by step for Spotlight. that might help you out. also look on youtube for some tutorials.
  6. Contact Tech Support, or your local distributor, they can help you with that.
  7. Rob Books

    File Size

    do you have a lot of mesh items in your file. these will balloon file size incredibly. if you have imported items from sketchup or other programs into your drawing check those. they may be small sized in their native format, but get much larger in VW.
  8. depends on the request, the backlog, and availability of data to create the profile for Vision.
  9. if the fixture is already in the Libraries, and you just need a Mode, use the Vision request form at the link above.
  10. This is not in the Resource manager yet, it is available in the English Service Select portal, Entertainment, All lighting requests November December. it will be added to the Service select libraries in the resource manager with the next update.
  11. Sweep and then a texture with some bump to make it look pipped?
  12. at the top of the page on the right side, almost to the middle is the request fixture button for Vision. here you can request missing Fixture modes. https://www.vectorworks.net/en-US/vision also , if you have not doens so recently, make sure to update your fixture libraries for vision, it is in the Help dropdown. the best bet is to check the Manual for the fixture to see which mode is which, they are named the way the manufacture names the modes. Rob.
  13. Also if it is a hybrid symbol (2D and 3D) and you scale inside the symbol, not the instance, you will need to do both parts separately, but if you use Pat's tip, you just need to use the command as is in the second part as it should be correct already.


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