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  1. Egilson1

    Hoist self weight

    Rob, I'm having trouble getting this work properly. I can't seem to find the correct symbol (or record) to update with correct hoist weight. For instance if I want to insert a CM Lodstar, 1/2 Ton, Down, with no function and have the default hoist weight be 66 lb, with 68' of chain @ .5 lb/ft, which symbol in the Chain Hoist Symbols.vwx file would I update? I've tried changing almost all of them with no success. thanks. Ethan
  2. So I have found the correct info to have a title block automatically fill in Sheet name and Number, but I need assistance to get the title block to auto fill the date and file name. Is there a list anywhere that shows all the correct info (such as "S_Sheet Number_SN" and "S_Sheet Title_SD#") to fill in on the record to have it auto populate a filed? Regards, Ethan
  3. Egilson1

    Fiber Optic

    Well, I figured out my issue. I had the drape "flat" as in no fullness. Once I changed that it worked fine.
  4. Egilson1

    Fiber Optic

    So I have been playing with the drape tool and trying to apply a texture to it to create a star drop. I downloaded a texture, but when I apply it I only get a black field and a few wierd lines instead of a black field with white dots. Any thoughts what I might be doing wrong. Running Spotlight 12 on Win XP. Thanks [ 02-15-2006, 03:38 PM: Message edited by: Egilson1 ]


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