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Wall stacking, wall dissapeer

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I have a question regarding wall stacking. (I am new to vectorworks, so maybe is it stupid)

I have this two walls on top of eat other. The walls has two different wall styles and are on two different layers. The top layer has a elevation, that matches the height of the lower wall.


The question is, when i edit the value of the top wall length, it changes to the correct length. But if I drag in the wall to get it longer, it removes the lower wall?

So I can change the upper walls length by value, but not by dragging.


How can this be, and what can I do to avoid this?


See my attached test file


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@Mikedk64Hi, I think you will find is the lower wall's design layer is above the upper wall design  layer so it appears to disappear when you drag it.

Swap the design layer around by dragging one design layer below the other in the OIP.

Also I feel you will have better results if you set all your walls with components and by class see attached file.



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I know about the components and classes, this is just a test file for you guys

I have tried with moving the design layers, but it doesn’t seems to work, if I understand it correct.


Here can you see that it is the same result, with the Layer 1 on top or underneath ( in the first pic, am I showing the "handle" I use to drag)





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It looks to me like the wall auto-joining preference is on (which is the default). This preference will auto-join walls when you drag the end of one over another. Try turning off that preference and see if it helps.


The quick-pref toggle button looks like this:


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