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Intersection points between curves


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Hello Everyone,


I'm just getting started with marionette and I couldn't find a solution to something that I thought would be just another existing node. Maybe I'm not using the correct search words. I'm not sure. I have been trying to retrieve the intersection points between a curve and a set of lines. Like the line-line segment intersect node does but I couldn't see an easy enough way to do it for 2D curves. Can anyone tell me if I'm overlooking something?

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@Marissa Farrell 


Hi Marissa I have a similar question,


I would like to find the intersection points between nurbs curves as you mentioned above.


I am making a gridshell structure using contour nodes to create ribs along a nurbs surface.  I then want to find the intersection of the ribs in order to create pin joints at these locations. I have attached my file.


Any help would be appreciated.

gridshell test.vwx

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Hello everybody 


I would like to process a nurbs surface in such a way that I can then generate a G code for a 5-axis CNC.


Sure you can answer all my questions. 


I would like to provide the nurbs area with coordinates (hand sketch). 

1. The coordinates should return position values for x, y, z. 

2. The start (00) should be able to be defined by the user. 

3. The user should be able to define the mesh size himself. 


The aim is to define the center point (00, 01, 10, 11 --> 5.5). 

1. Point 3D --> x, y, z 

2. Vector 3D --> x, y, z 


Thank you in advance. 



Greetings from switzerland


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