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Intersection points between curves

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Hello Everyone,


I'm just getting started with marionette and I couldn't find a solution to something that I thought would be just another existing node. Maybe I'm not using the correct search words. I'm not sure. I have been trying to retrieve the intersection points between a curve and a set of lines. Like the line-line segment intersect node does but I couldn't see an easy enough way to do it for 2D curves. Can anyone tell me if I'm overlooking something?

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I'm not positive, but it probably doesn't exist yet.


I can look into making one, but it may take me some time. 

It's easy to get line intersections since both objects are linear, but with a curve we'll have to extract the equation for the curve.


Is your curve a poly or a NURBS?

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Hello Marissa, 


Thank you for replying. My curve is a 2D poly in one case and a simple 2D arc in another case that I would have to use the algorithm. I want to extract the intersection points in a list so that I can use them to create a diagonal grid between. I attached the example where I want to intersect lines with an arc for now.


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Thank you Marissa! 


I hadn't thought of this solution. It works well for both variations that I need. Really appreciated!!!



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