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Vectorworks Dark Interface for Windows 10

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I have read a few topics regarding a dark interface for Vectorworks in windows 10. This can be done using the ease of access high contrast option in the personalize section of windows. Its a pretty good option for those of us that may have aging eyes that really have a hard time looking at a nearly white interface all day. It may take a few tries to get what you want but this is a good option to try until vectorworks comes out with an interface overhaul. You do not need to patch any files, just find the colors you like and save as a theme. Do not let the built in preset themes scare you as they are awful, just change the color to what you like. Hope

this saves a few eyes. I would be glad to hear about any better options people may have. 



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That looks very nice. 

I’ve tried to do this and not getting the same results. 

1. I’m getting a white border around all buttons and other elements. 

2. The application title bar background color is not black or dark gray like your screen shot. 


Perhaps you could share your theme and color settings screenshots. I’ve tried multiple options and not making progress. 



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Hi Clint,

I had to play around with this a lot to figure it out but what I found was that you need to start with the built in high contrast white setting first as the template to change to your colors. That will give you the black title bar, if you don't you end up with purple or blue and possibly the white border you mention. Its not a perfect solution but it looks pretty good. I also noticed that the changes may not get applied fully until you restart or login/logout, I think windows may have to clear out the previous theme maybe. My display is 4k so your results may look a little different from my screen shots but shouldn't be much. Be sure to save the theme when you are done finding your color settings. The blue I used in the example is #49709C, the white is #E8E8E8, disabled text is #B3B3B3, button text #4F4F4F, background is #3D3D3D. Hope this helps.

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Interesting, I have a persistent white color that exists around all my buttons and explorer bar despite how I start to change these. 

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On 10/15/2017 at 6:46 PM, uglycat said:

start with the built in high contrast white setting first as the template to change to your colors


Jweston, see Uglycat's second post above. 


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