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  1. Hi. I called Tech Support. Renderworks is not loading on desktop but is on laptop. Will be replacing desktop later this week anyway. So I’ll revisit again if an issue. BTW it’s a PC. I did a repair. An issue was found and fixed. But didn’t fix after all. Did a clean install. Same problem. Who knows. Doubt it will be a problem in few days.
  2. Having trouble creating and editing Textures in VW 2023 SP 2 build 679347. Working on an imported 2022 file into 2023. I am unable to edit Textures from Resource Manager. When I right click and select a Edit, the dialog box does not appear. I can duplicate a Texture but not edit. I can not create a new Texture. Closed VW and restart. Create a new blank drawing. I can not create a new Texture in Renderworks. In RM 1. Right click 2. New Resource 3. select Renderworks Texture 4. No dialog box opens. I can create other resources. If I create a Material, I can add a stock Texture. But can not edit the Texture in the Resource Manager.
  3. Very interesting. I am planning to do an laptop upgrade and have that GPU in my sights. Wow. Still struggling... what's going on? I really don't understand why VW does not design their software to the hardware market. We get general info for three levels of recommendations. But it's not that helpful. Why not put together three real life systems that represents the top of each level, and then run test using VW? Show us in very practical ways what different system configurations make in the performance of VW applications? Why keep this a mystery? Spend a few dollars, pocket change to the corporation, and demonstrate the experience. In doing so, you'll create good will, and maybe restore trust in you customer base.
  4. Well, here's the new Samsung 980 Pro. https://www.anandtech.com/show/16087/the-samsung-980-pro-pcie-4-ssd-review Coming soon...
  5. Hey Mick, good to know. And appreciate herbieherb's explanation. As usual, this forum is a great resource! Thanks. Looks like Samsung 980 Pro (planned for Q2-Q3) is nearing release with brief lising: https://www.anandtech.com/show/16052/samsung-980-pro-briefly-listed-online Nice speed bump.
  6. Mick, Consider the Samsung 970 Pro series rather than the EVO Plus. A few years ago upgraded a stock 7200RPM SATA Internal 3.5" HD with a Samsung 860 Pro Series 2.5" 256GB SATA (SSD). Wow, big difference. But it filled up quick. So, replaced the 860 Pro with a Samsung 860 EVO Series 2.5" 1TB SATA SSD to save a few dollars. I knew the Pro was faster on paper, but I didn't think I'd noticed a performance difference between the Pro and EVO. Wrong. The Pro was snappier.
  7. Awesome Materials feature! I came to VW 2010 from Sketchup and AutoCad. At the time, I found VW's process of setting up 2D (fills and textures) and 3D (renderworks textures) really convoluted and unproductive. I wondered why can't "textures" be defined in one dialog box and it render in 2D and 3D? (like sketchup...) Finally with a lot of experimentation, I learned how to get the results I wanted. Though powerful, the current VW 2020 and prior process is not straight-forward. Very glad to see VW developing materials in this way. Thanks!
  8. Who's in favor of adding Teaser Thursdays? We're eager for more!
  9. Looking forward to seeing the recommended hardware specifications for VW2021, along with an updated explanation for what component features will take advantage of this release.
  10. Thanks for the comment Peter. Yes CorelDRAW is still kicking with new owner. I have Illustrator and Affinity. Not to start a “war” 😀 but CDW has stock features which Illustrator or Designer lack for signage design. Will use only CDW on small projects when VW is not needed. And almost always use CDW for message layouts. VW is used for most signage projects and is much better in many ways than CDW. The one exception is VW is limited for handling typography due to no support for advanced OpenType features. So there’s a need an illustration app for message layouts, make PDF and import to VW. So Affinity would be a second choice app choice if CDW didn’t perform well on Mac.
  11. With the updated iMac, I’m doing my yearly Mac drooling and wondering if this is the year I jump fence to become a Mac Dude?! Been using PC/Windows since about 1988. Until the last few years PCs were the only option with my workflow apps. Now it’s time for a new system and all of my workflow apps run on MacOS. The cost:quality for high performance is about a wash and often in Macs favor. So I’m doing some serious fence sitting. The only application I have question about running on Mac is CorelDRAW. Any Mac users on the forum using CorelDRAW? Any PC and Mac users have experience using it on both platforms?
  12. Yes! 1000x Yes! Hire who ever is doing the icon design for the promo videos. It's already done. Just use it.
  13. Agree. I hope VW listened. All, please click the up vote arrow. As MartinFahrer aptly said: "it feels like I'm working on a kids program."
  14. I hope a professional icon theme is on the list. The 2020 theme was a huge dud. Sorry to say. Really am. Every time I open VW2020, I sigh. With a new release in a couple of months, I'm really looking forward to seeing an icon theme worthy of the application.
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