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  1. The default symbols have been poorly configured from the start. There needs be be better control using the object info palette. These need more attention. By default, the top text object should be closer to the horizontal bar, and set to center, bottom aligned. By default, the bottom text object should be closer to the horizontal bar, and set to center, top aligned. I've found that Sketchup has better out of the box symbols than Vectorworks. That should be.
  2. Hi. I learned AC first. An issue that was very perplexing and remains a challenge is the difference in how object properties in an AC “block” and a VW “symbol” behave. In AC blocks, objects are often drawn on layer “0 ”which is similar to VW None class. (Note: AC “layer” equals a VW “class”). When an AC block with objects on “0” is placed in the DWG file, the block objects inherit the line weight the AC layer (= VW class). Layer 0 is typically a very thick black/white line. Used correctly this is a great feature I wish was possible in VW. When you import AC blocks into VW as symbols, those lines in the new VW symbol can be the problem. You can either edit the symbol and redefine the line thicknesses or if you’re lucky, you can redefine the class 0 to a thinner weight for all class 0 objects. The later rarely works and you’re in for grunt work to get things to look right. If the DWG file was exported from Revit then there are other issues as rotated DWG blocks get imported as multiple symbols in VW for what is really the same object. Much more grunt work! If you have AC or Briscad or even LibreCad, you can edit the blocks before importing into VW to move block objects to a different AC layer. Later I’ll post a Revit export to DWG options settings that works well. i give it to clients using Revit. The export settings create DWG files which when imported into VW look and print exactly like Revit. Huge, HUGE time saver!
  3. DBruhnke, I thought about that. And that would work. What I decided to do was to select one sheet at a time and add to the print list, then saved as a Set to Publish list. That way if I need to reprint, which of course I did, then just need to select the list. Appreciate your idea.
  4. Ditto. Hope it's fixed yesterday. I need to issue a package hours ago! Work around anyone? 🤢
  5. Microsoft has greatly improved automatic scaling for High DPI screens. My 2016 MS Surface Book has a 3000x2000 resolution 13" screen. The recommended Settings/Display is 200% For 99% of applications it automatically works just fine, and VW has always looked surprisingly "normal". For a few applications, a tweak is needed. I was concerned a 13" screen would be too small, especially for VW. So, I tested a screenshot pic of VW at a local store. Everything seemed readable. The clarity of MS PixelSense makes up for the screen size. I have not had a problem reading items any more than my 1200 x 1920 , 24" monitor. Though very readable, I would still rather have the new 15" Surface. VW "snap loupe" using the Z key is especially great for small screens. And, I do make use of tool palette auto-hide so the drawing area is as large as possible. Based on this, I suspect a 4K display would render VW just fine, and it would be good for other apps. But, I would want to experiment seeing a screenshot. Not concerned about newer GTX cards running 1 or 2 4K monitors.
  6. Hi Tech Staff. Can you provide an update for the recommended Nvidia Control Panel settings for Vectorworks? The above list is over three years old and some setting options are now different than described. There should be an updated list by VW version, or perhaps when Nvidia releases a Control Panel update. Thanks!
  7. Mike, thank you the info! Just still not clear on how the GPU and CPU are working together in rendering. Does Renderworks offloads processing to the GPU? The i7 9700K does not have hyperthread. The i9 9900k does and with a price bump. If the GPU, say a GTX 2080Ti, will now take some of the render load, will the i9's hyperthread be needed?
  8. I would prefer to have separate buttons for Move and Copy.
  9. Hi VW Tech/Engineers. We really do need someone to fill the huge void left with Jim's absence. The CPU and GPU venders keep pumping out devices, and it's not clear if VW makes use of the new tech. And if so, in what way? For example, hyperthreading. For years, I've been using a 6-core Xeon processor with hyperthreading. It looks like VW is using all 6, plus the logical 6 during renders. So, is Jim's comment about a 4-core limit still accurate? By my experience, it was never accurate. But who am I to really know? Considering a new PC with either a i7 9700K or i9 9900k. Would VW make use of the i9 hyperthread? What would be truly helpful in the System Resources is a list of the vendor technologies and whether or not VW uses them. Another example, one of Jim's emails mentioned that VW does not use SLI (not sure what that is, but it's suppose to be great) and other technologies. Still true. What else? Rather than have us search the forum for hardware info, which for the most part is user experiences, start a list and keep it current. Telling us to get a gaming rig is not very helpful. And gaming rigs are just plain ugly and unprofessional looking. Yes, that matters. We need better guidance. And, really, do we have to ask? Please, pretty please. Would you tell us what you know? What systems are VW staff using? What are their experiences? Thanks,
  10. Curious about this as well. I have a 3K, 2000x3000, 13" screen on a Microsoft Surface Book. My eyes aren't great now, but the clarity is really good and makes up for the small screen. I'm amazed how well I can work on it - almost as easily as my 1.9K, 1200 x 1920 , 24" monitor. I'm guessing a 4K, 24" or larger monitor would be better than my current monitor. Hoping someone with real world experience chimes in.
  11. Good example of why it’s a best practice to have a user group to test review UX design. The icon is attractive. My first guess of it’s function would be a calendar wizard. It would take much to make this look more like a worksheet.
  12. Agree. The outline style is just visually unprofessional. Worse, the outline style is confusing. When looking over the tools, I saw two logs next to one log, and wondered what the log icons were for... ugh, double lines and single lines. No. Don't do that. I really like using Vectorworks. Hats off for all the work to improve it. But the visual look warrants much more investment from the company. You do need to address it. The Mac GUI has always looked better than the Windows GUI, which I use. I wish we either had a Dark mode, or a White mode. This in the middle wishy washy blah Windos GUI is visually weak. I'm sure designing a new style guide for icons for a program of this size is hard. But just stop. Now. Take a break. Revert if possible. Then research or hire someone who know how to design professional GUI design. Start over. And why not ask for feed back on the design concepts before you implement the design? I don't think anyone would have voted for the VW2020 icon style. I'm wondering if you have competitors working on this. It's really not good. What would be helpful is to revert back to VW2019 and just improve the contrast of the pallets, especially the Object Info pallet. There is not enough contrast between the background and the buttons. Don't increase the outline contrast. That would add visual clutter. Either lighten the background, or darken the buttons. And why is there not a consist use of colors in all palettes? The Attribute palette uses the same color for the background and the buttons. I would prefer if the background were White rather than the light gray it is now. Sign me up if you want some feedback on a new GUI design. Sorry to rant on this one item. But if I didn't care, I wouldn't bother to watch things go from poor to worse.
  13. Agree. The GUI design is headed in the wrong direction. Prefer VW2019 to VW2020.
  14. Learning to use GIS has been on my to-do list for a few years. Excited to see how this new VW GIS feature performs! FYI, QGIS is a 17-year old open source GIS project. It's available on Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, Android(beta) and looks to be very capable. https://www.qgis.org/en/site/ I know ESRI dominates the GSI world. But, I wonder if QGIS might be useful to un-trap some of the resources in ESRI-world and become useful in VW. Kudos VW Developers!
  15. Looks good. As the Teaser Tuesdays are demonstrated, can you list the device info: brand, cpu, gpu, ram, etc?
  16. After restarting my PC, and reopeing VW, the callout works. After installing the 2019 SP 4, I opened a file to edit. I guess, after installing an update, you need to restart the computer.
  17. Not working for me either. Well, everything works except no leaders. Even if you add a leader...no leader, only the text box shows. Same issue whether a new file from the Blank template, or in an existing file. Existing callout leaders look fine until you add a leader, then the original leader disappears.
  18. The Sheet Grids are helpful for layout. But they don't usually need to be printed. Why not make them non-printing by default? If there is a need to print, have a per sheet toggle to print, and even a global toggle in the Publish Dialog to print or not. A related wish is for a non-printing class, and even a non-printing design layer. A similar concept is found in word processors for Formatting Marks, which even if visual, will not print.
  19. Hi, I've been using the 4-bay Synology 414 NAS for about 5 years. Created project folders on the NAS and then mapped them as drives on my PC Desktop (cat5) and Notebook (wireless). Also put a VW Resources folder on the NAS so both machines link to the same folder. Configure that in VW Preferences. Been very pleased. At times, the notebook via wireless felt sluggish. Switched to a Synology router and have not had that issue since. The NAS has two RJ-45 network ports. If you have a managed switch (which I'm considering) it is supposed to eliminate data traffic bottlenecks...I think. Synology also has an app called Drive which works similar to Dropbox. This is handy for current projects that I can sync to my notebook and take it on the road and have access to the data on the notebook. If you're looking to buy, get the Plus Series: https://www.synology.com/en-us/products/series/plus
  20. Not from this forum. I did search for Revit export to IFC and found some step by step guides. Haven’t asked the architect to try it yet.
  21. Background info: An architect client uses Revit. They usually export to DWG and that works okay, but it seems to be somewhat of a hassle for them. Not sure why. They have shared some Revit files, but the import feature in VW 2017 and 2018 does not produce a usable VW file. I asked them to try an export to IFC. The didn't know how to do that... So, I'm looking for a best practice guide to give to them for exporting Revit to IFC. Request To Vectorworks: PLEASE publish a straightforward step by step process for a Revit user to export an IFC file which will be usable for VW. If this exists, I couldn't find it. A VW webpage dedicated to a Revit to IFC Workflow would be very helpful for VW users. We can send our Revit clients to it. This would also be a great marketing opportunity to Revit users who may be interesting in switching to VW. Thanks!
  22. Look at the ink cartridges. HP are 30-38ml at $30-$35 each. $1.00/ml Canon are 130ml at $65 each. $0.50/ml Aside from any other feature comparison, Canon has a cheaper operating cost with a lot fewer cartridge changes. Several years ago I was comparing HP and Epson and chose Epson because of the ink system had larger cartridges and was far cheaper per ml. HP does make good printers with nice features, but every time I compare, it seems like they make printers to sell ink.
  23. What is B- thing? I can’t figure out from the thread or searching the forums.
  24. Jweston, see Uglycat's second post above.


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