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Callout Notes disappearing; from Keynote Legends and/or from Notes Database

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I'm trying to help a user with these issues. I'm making this post to gather more information to either inform my bug report or provide an informed solution to the user. 


Primarily, I would like to establish if anyone else has experienced the following symptoms/issues when using Callout Notes and Keynote Legends, with a Notes Database. 


Issue 1: Notes previously in the database no longer being there. (As evidenced by inspecting a copy of the backed database file). 

Issue 2: Keynotes and their respective listing in a Keynote Legend disappearing. 


From what I understand, these issues occurred under the following conditions: 

  • New Vectorworks document created from template. 
  • Previous Notes Database file duplicated for use with this project only. 
  • (Database is stored on a local network server, but the Vectorworks file is on the computer being used). 
  • Callout Tool Preferences used to select the duplicated database file. 
  • Notes placed as Keynotes, on Sheet Layers in Viewport annotations. 
  • (Notes Manager 'Prefs...' set to save changes when dialogue is closed, 'OK') 
  • Keynote Legend/s created on Sheet Layers (not in Viewport annotations). 
  • File saved, then closed. 
  • File later reopened. 
  • Some Keynotes and the respective items in the Keynotes Legend are missing, but other instances of these Keynotes are still present on one other Sheet Layer and listed in the Keynote Legend on that Sheet Layer. 
  • The Keynotes that disappeared were not present in the original database before it was duplicated for use with this project. They were created during this project. 
  • When using 'Reconcile Notes' the following error comes up for some notes: "Cannot find the selected note in the Database". - All the notes in this instance start with the same prefix / naming convention, 'GF-PF' and are found in varying quantities in Keynote Legends on several Sheet Layers. 


I see potential for this discussion to start a torrent of contribution, so please note I am not the user so getting more info from them or testing every remedy offered might be limited. The conditions supplied above are intended to inform what variables might be involved for others with these issues to consider, and to help inform the scope of these issues. The most important factor for me is to establish if anyone else has experienced the following symptoms/issues. 




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NNA, please note this issue.  Keynotes are a great idea, but the user interface and implementation are flawed.  I have used keynotes frequently and with success, but even I can't keep track of all the quirks and workarounds.  This should be a straightforward feature, but version after version fail to fix the problems.  I sometimes wonder if it is worth it to pay for upgrades.  Please do something!

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Hi @iborisov


I've had dialogue with Premium Tech Support but I've been told the level of detail the user supplied/is able to supply, is not enough to diagnose. In one of the two instances the user described, about 30 notes just disappeared from a single section and despite the great unlikelihood of accidentally deleting them all one-by-one (which is the only way in the Notes Manager dialogue) the last posit from Tech Support was that it was user error. While there might be other possible ways or reasons that these notes disappeared (like loosing track of which database file was the most recent one) the user is standing by their assertion. This is why I thought asking the community to corroborate such occurrences would be the most appropriate intermediary step to take. 


ANYONE WHO READS THIS: Have you experienced notes disappearing from the either the drawing OR the Notes Database? 

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On 11/3/2017 at 10:07 AM, Jim Smith said:

I can no longer access any Callout Databases, & I can't find where they live...

The sample Notes Database supplied with Vectorworks is here on Mac: /Applications/Vectorworks 2017/Libraries/Defaults/Notes

Any Notes Database you create can be saved anywhere you like so it would be wherever you put it (unless you've inadvertently deleted it!). If you can't recall where that is/was I would check the most logical places, either: 

  • A logical directory in your Vectorworks User Folder, such as: /Users/[username]/Library/Application Support/Vectorworks/2017/Libraries/Defaults/Notes, or 
  • A location 'relative' to where your Vectorworks document is saved, like in the same folder or a subfolder. 

If you've saved them anywhere but on your local hard drive, they won't be accessible until you reconnect the USB stick, external storage device or network drive etc where you saved it. There are other possible reasons why you can no longer locate/access them but without more insight into the situation it's hard to be more helpful. 

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I have a similar issue...  My callout database has all of hte keynotes in it.  However, when I use the Callout Tool linked to that database, it is empty... I have restarted VW but that doesn't work either.  Is there a utility that cleans up the links, etc?





But when adding a callout, the database is empty...



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