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The wall settings seems overtly complicated and I have been struggling for weeks to understand how it works. Putting in wall heights then nothing happens, finding obscure toggles and just struggling to figure out how it all works.I have been using vectorworks since 2008 and my last version was 2012. 2018 has really set me back speed wise as stories and walls are really hard to figure out. Plus I've had 15 crashes so far.  It would be great if the commands that don't work because a toggle has been set somewhere else would be faded out and a highlight would pop up saying that this command or setting does not function be cause the wall setting such such is picked. 

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The jump from VW 2012 to 2018 is a big step.

Yes, sometimes VW is unnecessary complicated in easy things and hard to understand for me either.

I also would have done everything completely different.

Beside that functionality wise it works for me so far.


Can you be a bit more specific which setting does not work for you or obscure,

then I think someone may find a solution or Vectorworkaround.


EDIT : Ah, found your other thread again.

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