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  1. Thanks Wes! Complete with surf boards 🙂. I couldn't make the file repeat the issue but I will go in the file and check the wall classes and wall component textures. Thanks for looking it over. Cheers
  2. This drawing is still doing this. Anybody have any ideas? John
  3. Update, I just did a final render and all the walls disappeared.
  4. Does anybody know why my walls disappear? They are fine and then I update a window or something like that and they disappear as shown below. If I go into the wall components and out they reappear till I modify them again. Is it a bug?
  5. I was changing the window id font , color and size in a design layer and suddenly all my lines show thick in both design layer and in my view port. Really strange, what the heck did I do?
  6. Yep one hour in. Used the window wall tool. poof. Could be my fault I tried to insert a door in the wall
  7. This may be a Mac problem but when I use Vectorworks on my brand new Macbook pro the wireless Mac mouse interminably lags. So much so that it is unusable. My work around is a crappy old wired hp mouse. My old Macbook was fine. Anyone else have this problem? Does buy a different type of mouse work?
  8. I have not had a crash in a bit but my projects are small at the moment. Just about launch into a big project. I'll let you know.
  9. Hi Guys, My attribute palette keeps going blank. The work around is reboot VW. I put a question to trouble shooting and nothing came back. Help as it is a real pain to reboot every 15 minutes. John T
  10. I am having this problem. My fix is to go in and out of VW. Is there a fix coming?
  11. Thats got it. Thanks again Jonathan you area a life saver.
  12. Any ideas anybody? I have re-plotted these drawing about ten times. I have to get these drawings out soon and it would be nice not to hand draw over the errors. JT
  13. Thanks Jonathan. I was using the wrong field. "Project id" not "Project Title". It was good to learn how the text feels work anyway. I updated my border and it looks fine in the VW file but when I publish it to pdf's, some of the text comes out as squares. See my issue block and page numbers in the attached image. Any Ideas? JT
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