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  1. I was changing the window id font , color and size in a design layer and suddenly all my lines show thick in both design layer and in my view port. Really strange, what the heck did I do?
  2. Yep one hour in. Used the window wall tool. poof. Could be my fault I tried to insert a door in the wall
  3. This may be a Mac problem but when I use Vectorworks on my brand new Macbook pro the wireless Mac mouse interminably lags. So much so that it is unusable. My work around is a crappy old wired hp mouse. My old Macbook was fine. Anyone else have this problem? Does buy a different type of mouse work?
  4. I have not had a crash in a bit but my projects are small at the moment. Just about launch into a big project. I'll let you know.
  5. Hi Guys, My attribute palette keeps going blank. The work around is reboot VW. I put a question to trouble shooting and nothing came back. Help as it is a real pain to reboot every 15 minutes. John T
  6. I am having this problem. My fix is to go in and out of VW. Is there a fix coming?
  7. Thats got it. Thanks again Jonathan you area a life saver.
  8. Any ideas anybody? I have re-plotted these drawing about ten times. I have to get these drawings out soon and it would be nice not to hand draw over the errors. JT
  9. Thanks Jonathan. I was using the wrong field. "Project id" not "Project Title". It was good to learn how the text feels work anyway. I updated my border and it looks fine in the VW file but when I publish it to pdf's, some of the text comes out as squares. See my issue block and page numbers in the attached image. Any Ideas? JT
  10. So I just open a new file with standard border and I still can't get my project name to show on the border title. Can some please tell me how to up date the border info or point me to a video on how to do?? I need to get a project out and I have spent hours trying to figure this out.
  11. Here is the file. Just simple Reno but I need to have the title blocks update. Note the project id is updated in the manage but not the actual boarder. Brad-5.vwx
  12. I'm used to the 2012 issue manager. That work flow was to updated the project and issue information in that command and boom it updates the boarders and I print. Now I'm lost. I did modify the border style and block to customize them for my firm. Maybe I corrupted the style and text but I did what I would do in 2012, go in and just rearrange the title text blocks. jt
  13. How do I update the title block and project info on my borders. I went in the new title block manager, changed a bunch of the fields and hit ok expecting the borders of all my sheets to update but nothing happened. I looked for an update button in the info palette, the issue manager and the title block manager and I didn't find one. Any Ideas? I looked online nothing found. jt


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