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chris cox

Vectorworks 2018 Project Sharing Corrupting Files

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Every file I open in 2018 that was designed in 2017 gets corrupted. I have tried it on different machines to see if it was a software install issue - and it still does it. So far have lost two jobs - !!!!!

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What do you mean when you say corrupt? Do you get an error message saying this?


Where are you opening the 2017 files from?

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While I can make a change to the drawing it gives me a message that says something about constraints being removed or it has been released by an administrator (which I am). Then it will not allow me to do save any changes to the master file. Then if I go back to 2017 it will not even open. 

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So problems only related to Project Sharing ?


Did you Migrate all files and saved Copies for VW 20018 usage ?

(Work Files and the Master File)


You can not open VW 2018 files in VW 2017.

You have to export these as VW 2017 version first.



I think it is better to Migrate the Master File and create new work files from this from scratch.

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It is not possible to migrate Working Files, only Project FIles. It needs to be a project-wide decision to migrate from 2017 to 2018.  All 2017 work needs to be committed from all working files, ideally with Commit and Release so nothing is outstanding. Then the Project File should be migrated to 2018. Afterwords all users should create new 2018 Working Files.

  • If a user opens a 2017 Working File with 2018, Vectorworks will ask to save a copy as a new ordinary 2018 VWX file.  The original 2017 Working File is left alone.
  • If a user opens a 2017 Project File with 2018 (as if you were trying to create a new WF), Vectorworks will alert that the project must be migrated.
  • Migrating will move the original PF into an "Old Version Vectorworks Files" folder, and create a new 2018 PF with the original filename in the original location. That new PF will have nothing checked-out...any outstanding stuff is thrown away.
  • If a user opens any 2018 file in 2017, Vectorworks will complain that it is an unrecognized file.
  • In order to migrate a 2018 Project File back to 2017, you need to open one 2018 Working File, and Export As a 2017 VWX file. Then open that withVectorworks 2017 and convert it back to a 2017 Project File.

We need more information about the specific problems and alerts you are seeing. Sending us copies of the PF and Working Files involved can help.  Also, how many people are involved and how many are Admins.


If an Admin has released things, recovery depends on what else has happened.  If those items haven't been changed, perhaps they can just be checked out again in the same file, and then committed. Recovery is somewhat painful if someone else already checked them out and committed changes to those items. To avoid losing work, the original user needs to essentially create a new Working File, check the items out, and copy/paste from the old file anything that needs to be recovered or merged.

Edited by Rick Berge
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When opening older project file versions in newer versions, it does a 'complete' conversion in-place. Meaning the old project file(*.vwxp) gets converted and replaces (in location) the older version, and the older version gets moved to a folder called 'Old Version Vectorworks Files'.

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