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  1. Hi @Flair-Studio. For the spinning wheel, you can use the Activity Monitor, click the CPU tab, the Vectorworks process in the list, and the Gear icon. Pick "Sample Process", hit the Save button, and send us the file. Thanks!
  2. I don't find these fragments anywhere when I search our code and strings, so the next questions are 1) which distributor did this come from, since they can add plugins or change strings, and 2) what other extra plugins might be present? Thanks, Rick
  3. @Bret can you send me a file to work with? I'm not seeing the same thing and I'd like to figure out what's going on for you.
  4. It's an interesting VE. The devil will be in the details. If it's at the file or folder level, it will be hard to manage. Can't make the user need to re-do it every Service Pack, but probably every Release. Probably need a "reset" button somewhere obvious, that's also an indicator speciallized handling is going on. A different way to approach things would be to tag the lights you like with something like 'nonvw'. Then you can search on 'light nonvw' and get just what you want.
  5. There are a couple other things here you can use. In the Unit you can control the dimension precision separately from the unit itself. Then there's another trick you can use, if you don't normally need to use dual imperial/metric units. You can set up dual dimensions, but both as metric or both as imperial. The secondary will take its precision from the secondary unit (there isn't a separate unit prec and dim prec like this image above for the primary). In the Dim Std, you can set one standard to "Dual - use primary only" and a second to "Dual - use secondary only" and then you have two standards with different precisions.
  6. Discussion of copying viewports between documents is here:
  7. Hi @Niels Timmer, Are you looking in your user folder's content? You should find them in the application folder's content (but then be able to put your custom one in user folder).
  8. Sorry @svluijk, it's very unlikely to change in 2020. Sp4 was already finished when you posted end of May; and the last service packs of a release (sp5 +) are only for the least risky things possible and apple's new releases of mac os. At the time I judged it annoying, but probably not worth risking a new bug.
  9. @svluijk, I was saying our changes for this went into the initial Fall release of 2021. What version are you using?
  10. As you say, the main pane allows you to change multiple thumbs at once because you can select and see multiple thumbs at once. The preview pane doesn't have any way to show more than one, so it's disabled during multi-selection. Do you have a workflow in mind Tom? Are you doing this once, when you make a new symbol, or are you repeatedly looking thru each item in the list from different angles, changing one over and over? If there were defaults, what should they be? (Tied to the main RM pane setting? Or the VW pref for 3D render mode + ?)
  11. I can answer some of the general issues raised by you and Tom, but I'll have to leave workflow to others. Materials can be used by any plugin, but not all plugins or plugin developers have fully opted-in yet. Given that reporting was going to be a big part of the feature we tried to get all site-built architectural and terrain shaping parts working first, to deliver value there. Compare windows which aren't typically built on site vs curtain walls which have lots of material settings for the various frame and panel pieces.
  12. @E|FA, For Stairs, go to the Graphic Attributes and choose one of the 3d portions, not the 2d. Then the dialog that pops up does have material controls. Railing should be the same. Hope this helps, Rick
  13. Correct. As far as I know there are no alerts and it all works just fine inside the same document. Stacking viewports, cloning sheets, etc.
  14. Hey all, Pasting viewports between documents was a source of file corruption. (And this is only about between documents). There's been an Alert forbidding it for a really long time, and we didn't realize the impact of closing some of the remaining loopholes, didn't realize that users required it. There is a bug open to replace the now-missing workflow, and we'll get this addressed.
  15. Thanks both! We'll get that taken care of in English too, and that generally triggers all the localizers to look again.
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