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  1. I worked very closely with Tech Support and got the issue resolved. Contact them and be very patient as it can be a multiple reasons - such as how you are creating viewports to a setting. They will get you taken care of! I have had maybe one or two crashes since they have got me going.. Thanks to their patients to dealing with me on this - LOL- as I am sure they were ready to strangle me..
  2. I thought the gobo shift feature would help but it didn't HELP!!! lol
  3. I created a custom gobo (well two of them) and when I import the artowork into the resource libraryit is placing the artwork in lower left corner of the area and causing the edge to be cut off. See snap shot from screen
  4. Clee - 2019 is so worth the cost of upgrading a graphics card and/or buying a new computer! Trust me!!!!! Where are you located at? I have some towers laying around that can handle 2019...
  5. Have you updated to latest service pack? That seemed to resolve my issue. If not contact tech support and they can help you pinpoint the issue - just be prepared that it may take some time for them to pin it down as there can be many issues that can cause it...
  6. Call tech support and see if they can help u
  7. This is the second time that I have been working in 2019 and it just shuts down - no error message no pause - it just shuts down.. Anyone else having this issue?
  8. I am having the same issue. Did they ever get yours resolved? Note: I am using a PC not a mac. I too have uninstalled and then reinstalled and it worked for a few hours then quit.
  10. While I can make a change to the drawing it gives me a message that says something about constraints being removed or it has been released by an administrator (which I am). Then it will not allow me to do save any changes to the master file. Then if I go back to 2017 it will not even open.
  11. Every file I open in 2018 that was designed in 2017 gets corrupted. I have tried it on different machines to see if it was a software install issue - and it still does it. So far have lost two jobs - !!!!!
  12. until

    when you click on the event the times are different. what time is the event CST?
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