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Window tags in elevation


Hello, I am experiencing some issues with window tags in elevation viewports:


1. In two of my files window tags display correctly in the bottom masonry clad floors but not in the top metal rain screen clad duplex floors (see image below). The tag class is the same for all windows and it is definitely turned on in the viewports. Show Tag in 3D box is checked for all windows. All windows have been converted into symbols.



The tag for the same window symbol is displayed in some instances and not in others (see W21).


3. In another file I have the opposite problem - all window tags are displayed in the elevation, even for windows on the opposite side of the building. It is as if the building walls and windows are transparent:
Does anyone know what the reason for that may be?

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Don't know the reason.

But I think the advice to avoid the unwanted labels from the opposite facade

was to limit the depth of the (elevation) section viewport.

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Hi Zoomer,


Thanks for the response.


Unfortunately limiting the depth of the viewport doesn't work for most of my elevations, as parts of the facade are set further back and I need to increase the depth for them to be visible. I can get rid of some unwanted tags with this method, but my elevation still looks very messy.


Note: It is not just unwanted window tags but also internal door tags that appear on my elevation as if the walls were transparent. 

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Still not a real answer to your questions but you can jump with your section line

when creating a section and maybe limit the depth in that way that you only

"section" your front facade without interior doors or opposite facade windows.


But you should also try forum search as I think there already have been similar

threads and people discussing that have so much more knowledge about

this topic.


And I don't think that everything here works as expected from VW side.

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I have the same issue.  Window tags from the other side of the building showing through in my elevation.



window tags.jpeg

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