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Difficulties with Site Models - Site Model will not update with texture bed modifiers


We are having some extreme difficulties with the site model and the use of hardscape>texture bed modifiers. 


We were updating a site model to reflect some design changes through the method of 3d polys as source data. The site model updates fine if it is not asked to reflect hardscape>texture bed modifiers in a different layer, but once the site model tries to update with those modifiers, it just won't work.


The problem is that it worked before. We wouldn't have invested this much time if it didn't work the first time and now we are stuck, unable to update the 3d of our design. 


I have attached the file. Try and update the site model to reflect the hardscape>texture bed modifiers.


333_Site model.vwx

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I will take a look right now! Just to be clear. You can't use site modifiers on this model?

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All of the hardscapes in the file are set to be Texture Bed modifiers on the site model. 


This process worked before in design iteration #1 but now will not.

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Hi Eric,


Have you tried simplifying the source polygons?  Try these steps...


1)  Right click on the site model, and select edit source data.

2)  Use the select similar tool to select all of the 1934 3D polygons in the site model.

3)  Modify > drafting aids > simplify polys

4)  Use a maximum deviation of 12".

5)  Go into the site model settings and change it to use modifiers on all layers.


Its a big site model with alot of vertices, but after doing this I was able to regenerate the site model in about 5 minutes on my windows PC.  Without simplifying the 3D polys, I waited 20+ minutes and it still was not done.  Hope this helps!

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Thanks Mike. I haven't tried that, but I am worried about doing that. The reason is...significant loss of accuracy.


My biggest concern is in steep areas where the complex polys are really close to one another. In these areas, the simplification command doesn't work relatively to the polys position and suddenly, contours that were close to parallel before, now overlap. I know that is a problem for site models.


Maybe I can run a simplification command more selectively.


Thanks again for the help.

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