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Sub D Creases


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I'm creating an organic desk, to be produced on a 5-axis CNC


I'm using a plane, with around 4x4 handles on it, so not over complicated. There's some crease angles in there too, to give it some wow also.

Is there a way of previewing which edges and handles have crease turned on, so they can be un-creased reliably? I'm finding that I'm clicking around, and there's still some creases left, but can't easily see what's creased and what's not.


Thanks :)

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Yes, pretty much always in Open GL, normally in perspective for a natural feel.


It's not a bug, more a wish list, where edges and vertexes highlight some how to denote the crease as toggled on or off.

Although you can see all of them from the resulant mesh, you can skip the odd point here and there and end up with pinching on the mesh surface...

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If you have just a few edges/points you want to crease, you could right click while in edit mode and select "Smooth All Edges" and "Smooth All Vertices" to ensure the entire subdivision is smoothed. Then go back in and crease just the edges/points you want creased.


It doesn't directly address your issue, but it might be a workaround if it's not an overly complicated subdivision.



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