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I have a text file with latitude, longitude and elevation coordinates separated by commas.  I'd like to create a site model from this by converting the information into 3d loci or stakes


After selecting AEC > Survey Input > Import Survey File,  I tried to selecting various options but the elevations of the 3d loci all end up on top of one another, that is the lat. and long. coordinates aren't recognized.


What am i doing wrong?

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@minottoHi, I find that you need all 3 columns to have data in them, if one is vacant it will not work so I cull out those and run it and then see whats missing. HTH

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@minottoHi, I don't think your data is correct as when you look at the data the first and second is usually a co-ordinate and third a height.

The spacing doesn't seem  far enough apart and heights are too high. Possibly the horizontal scale is different to the vertical scale of the survey data.

I put the data into an Excel document.


The attached image is the way it should look, first column is the survey point number (I think), then Easting & Northings (or Viseversa) then the level. last are codes that you have to drop off.

You basically use Column B, C & D.




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I think the problem is the units for the data. Vectorworks can use feet, meters, millimeters, centimeters, inches, but not latitude and longitude. I think you need to convert the latitude and longitude to feet from a datum. 

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Thanks Alan and Jonathan for the suggestions.  


But i'm a bit confused.  Vectorworks can read latitude and longitude but it just has to be formatted according to Alan's example?


 Or VWs doesn't read latitude and longitude? 

If so, is there an easy way to convert latitude and longitude to a datum?

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In Allan's image of the spreadsheet can you identify the columns? It looks like the first one is data point and then LAT and LON with elevation and description. If this is the case then delete the first column and last and you should be cooking with gas! The only issue you will have is the conversion to you current site coordinates.

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