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Christian Fekete

Wall modification

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A couple of questions on workflow regarding wall modifications:

1/ I was wandering if there was a way to pull down the brick layer component of the framed brick cladd wall provided in VW 17. If I pull down that layer the wall type changes and I loose the original setup. On the image below I extended the whole assembly which is not what I was looking for.

2/ I plan on installing a curtain wall starting 18"above the floor and ending with the top of the transom (redline). I will then add a lintel and the brick wall will go up to the top of the walls to align on the right and the left.

I have a few options on how to do that

     a/ create two knee wall, then put the curtain wall on top of that and finally add another wall in the upper portion 

    b/ erase the left side of the wall, join the corner and insert an opening where to fit the curtain wall, effectively like a window

What would you recommend?

Thank you 


Screen Shot 2016-10-05 at 6.37.01 PM.png

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Hi Christian,

I'd try your option B. Instead of creating an opening and inserting a curtain wall in the opening, I'd try placing the curtain wall in a symbol and inserting the symbol in the wall.

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7 hours ago, Christian Fekete said:

My question is how do you create this brick layer height which is lower than the rest of the wall?

Where is the control for the wall layers, I cannot find that


@Christian FeketeHi, this is done by the wall style. Have a look at the wall style in the file and look at the heights of each of the components, you will see they are all set at different heights referenced either above or below the bottom or top of the base wall height or storey.

If you need further I can run a short video.


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Hi,See attached for the heights of a component. This is for the external low brickwork.



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